Do Wyatt and Eliza Get Together in Zombies 3?

Disney’s ‘Zombies’ universe begins with the introduction of the walking dead, but soon, it catapults into something that allows every other monster into its world. In ‘Zombies 2’, werewolves are introduced, while ‘Zombies 3’ takes a step ahead and brings aliens into the mix. By the end, we see that there is still a wide variety of monsters out there. The only thing in common in all three films is that no matter what kind of monster you are, you will always find a place in Seabrook. It is a place where differences are celebrated. While Zed and Addison’s relationship takes center stage in all three films, there is another love story that blossoms in ‘Zombies 3’. This surprising couple is Wyatt, who is a werewolf, and Eliza, who is a zombie. With all the upheaval that Seabrook faces, what does it mean for the couple? Will they end up together? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Do Wyatt and Eliza End Up Together?

Yes, Wyatt and Eliza end up together at the end of ‘Zombies 3’. When Wyatt was introduced in ‘Zombies 2’, he stirred trouble between Zed and Addison. It looked like he might be interested in Addison but turns out, his feelings lay somewhere else. He harbors a secret crush on Eliza. However, things are a little complicated for them because Eliza is miles away from him. She is interning at Z-Corp, while Wyatt is still in Seabrook.

It becomes clear that a lot of people already know about Wyatt’s crush on Eliza, except her. He always gets excited when she calls, and he has a certain affability to his tone whenever he talks to her. If anyone ever had any doubts about his love for her, it is cleared when Eliza accesses the device through which the aliens had tapped into the minds of every citizen in Seabrook. While their original idea had been to find something in their heads that would lead them to the most precious thing in Seabrook, it later proves useful for Wyatt whose love is confessed through his thoughts. It turns out that Eliza is the one he thinks about all the time. He has many memories of her, and they all trace back to the first time werewolves arrived at Seabrook High and he met Eliza for the first time.

For the entirety of the film, they communicate through a robotic device that Eliza uses to get around Seabrook and stay with her friends even though she is so far away. The arrival of aliens had caused a dent in their communication, but she found a way out of it. In the end, she reveals that she too has liked Wyatt for some time. Even though they are far apart from each other at the moment, the future looks brighter for them as the school year ends. 

Now that they have graduated, Wyatt has the opportunity to leave Seabrook.

With Zed entering college, monsters also have the chance to pursue further education. While it is not revealed what exactly Wyatt is planning for his future, it looks like he might want to be somewhere closer to Eliza. Perhaps he could move somewhere near Z-Corp headquarters, or better yet, find a job that allows him to work with them in the future. In any case, the possibilities are endless for the couple as previous barriers have been broken down for the monster kind.

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