Do Yoon Gwi-nam and Lee Na-Yeon Die in All of Us Are Dead?

Image Credit: Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

The main antagonist in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ is inarguably the unrelenting and inhuman Jonas virus itself. But that is not the only opposition the protagonists must overcome if they want to survive. There are quite a few humans that pose a severe threat. Among them is Yoon Gwi-nam (In-soo Yoo). A bully and coward, Gwi-nam has been the main lackey in a high school delinquent gang, tormenting and blackmailing fellow students. After the zombie outbreak happens at the school, Gwi-nam finds himself infected with a mutated virus strain.

Meanwhile, Lee Na-Yeon is initially one of the protagonists. However, her behavior toward Han Gyeong-su, in particular, is downright appalling. If you are wondering whether Gwi-nam and Lee Na-yeon survive at the end of ‘All of Us Are Dead,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Yoon Gwi-nam Die?

Yes, Yoon Gwi-nam dies in ‘All of Us Are Dead.’ He starts a bitter feud with Lee Cheong-san after the latter records him killing the principal. He vows to kill Cheong-san as well and chases him through the zombie-infested school. However, during their confrontation, Cheong-san stabs into one of the eyes of Gwi-nam and makes him fall among the zombies. The numerous bites that Gwi-nam receives trigger his transformation. Inside him, the virus mutates and learns to emulate human sentience.

Image Credit: Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

Gwi-nam continues to chase Cheong-san throughout the rest of the season. He bites Choi Nam-ra and triggers the transformation in her as well. The halfbies like them are neither zombies nor humans. Towards the end of the season, it becomes apparent that all the halfbies we saw were in the process of transformation. Only Nam-ra in the final scene has undergone complete transformation.

Gwi-nam gets thrown off from high places multiple times, but he continues to come back and try to kill Cheong-san. Eventually, he manages to infect his enemy by biting him. Cheong-san subsequently decides to divert the attention of other zombies so his friends can get away. Gwi-nam and Cheong-san have one more brutal confrontation before seemingly dying together when the military bombs the school.

Does Lee Na-yeon Die?

Yes, Lee Na-yeon dies in ‘All of Us Are Dead.’ She is a desperately lonely girl. Like Nam-ra, she doesn’t have any friends. But she isn’t inherently kind like the class president. Her loneliness has manifested in how cruel she is toward those she thinks are socially beneath her. She mocks Gyeong-su because his family is on welfare, repeatedly using the derogatory word “welfie” to refer to him. She eventually plays an active role in his transformation into a zombie by pressing a handkerchief soaked with infected blood on his open wound. The survivors then throw her out of the group. Their homeroom teacher, Park Sun-hwa, dies while trying to protect Na-yeon.

Image Credit: Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

Na-yeon hides in the storage room with access to plenty of food and beverage. Recalling the last words that Sun-hwa told her, she musters her courage to go see her classmates with provisions. However, Gwi-nam arrives to feed on her and turn her into a zombie before she can do that. She is one of the thousands of zombies present in the school playground when the military drops one of its bombs, wiping them all out.

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