Does Adam Die in Chicago PD? Theories

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

NBC’s police series ‘Chicago P.D.’ is one of the most enthralling procedural shows currently airing on television. The police officers of the Chicago Police Department’s Intelligence Unit put their lives on the line to capture criminals of varying sorts, ranging from drug dealers to cold-blooded murderers. In the second half of the tenth season, Adam Ruzek goes undercover to unravel the mystery behind a crime family and bring them down. He succeeds in infiltrating the family to find a way to bring them to justice. Adam’s courage, however, has alarmed the viewers concerning his fate. Should we be worried about the police officer’s life? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Race War Plan: How Will It Affect Adam?

Adam Ruzek has been a part of several high-profile crimes Henry “Hank” Voight’s Intelligence Unit solves. In the fifteenth episode of the tenth season, the Unit encounters several dead bodies and the investigation leads Voight’s team to the Becks, a family of drug dealers. Adam goes undercover and infiltrates the family upon meeting Samantha Beck as someone in search of a job. Samantha doesn’t take long to trust him, which makes her take him to her father and the Beck family patriarch Richard Beck. Adam also creates an impression on Richard, which makes him a new part of the Becks’ drug operations.

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

Although Adam is a highly experienced police officer who has handled criminals with distinct characteristics, Richard Beck is different from any typical criminal the police officer has seen in his life. Richard is highly attentive and suspicious. He makes a note of every change that happens around him. In the eighteenth episode of the season, Adam goes to a secret hideout of Richard to discover the knife one of the Beck patriarch’s associates used to kill an old couple. Although Adam hides from Richard and eventually escapes from the place, the latter comes to know that his “recruit” was at the place.

If Richard comes to know about Adam’s real identity, the Beck patriarch may not hesitate to pull the trigger of his gun on the police officer. Since the drug dealer orders the murder of his associate after using him, we may not need to expect him to show any mercy towards his betrayer. Having said that, it is highly possible that Richard will be distracted enough with an impending trade to keep an eye on Adam. The eighteenth episode of the season ends with Richard letting Adam know about the “supplies” he has been waiting for, possibly to start a race war.

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

In the upcoming episodes, Richard’s attention is expected to remain on the start and fulfillment of the race war Adam and his unit desperately want to avoid. As the drug dealer asks Adam to play a part in materializing his dream, it is evident that Richard trusts Adam enough. The police officer’s life is safe until the same trust exists in Richard. Adam may need to find a way to track the drug dealer’s deliveries and the supplies the latter would get in return so that he can bring his unit in to capture Richard. If he succeeds in doing the same, Richard may not have enough time to kill the police officer.

Since Adam has been an integral character of the series since its first season, the only factor that would influence the writers to kill him off must be Patrick John Flueger’s desire to exit the series. The actor, however, hasn’t expressed any wish to leave the procedural series. Considering that Adam gets back together with Kim Burgess, it is unlikely that the creative heads of the series will conclude the “Burzek” storyline anytime soon with Adam’s death. Taking these factors and possibilities into account, we believe that Adam most likely will not die in the procedural series.

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