Does Ares Die in Through My Window: Across the Sea?

Portrayed by Julio Peña, Ares Hidalgo is one of the protagonists of the ‘Through the Window’ film series. Ares and his brothers are heirs to the Hidalgo family, the owners of one the most influential companies in Spain. In the first film, Ares purposefully breaks his family’s Wi-Fi, so he can have an excuse to speak to his neighbor Raquel (Clara Galle). He hacks into her Wi-Fi and computer and discovers she is obsessed with him. Despite all odds, a relationship develops between the two, and they end up together as a couple in the movie, though Ares moves to Stockholm to study medicine. In the sequel, ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea,’ Raquel and Ares are in a long-distance relationship. If you are wondering whether Ares dies at the end of the film, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Ares Die?

No, Ares doesn’t die at the end of ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea.’ Struggling with his studies and feeling homesick and lonely, Ares returns to Barcelona to attend the San Juan festival with his girlfriend. They subsequently travel to the Hidalgo family’s property in Port d’Esclanyà and discover that Ares’ older brother Artemis and his secret girlfriend Claudia are already there. Soon enough, Ares’ younger brother, Apolo, and Raquel’s friends, Yoshi and Daniela, also show up.

Ares and Raquel’s lives become complicated because of the outside attention their relationship receives. Yoshi has been in love with Raquel for a long time but has never mustered the courage to tell her about it. He still holds onto those feelings even though another girl, Anna, is now interested in him. Daniela seems to like chaos and often suggests to Raquel to speak to Ares about having an open relationship. And then, there are Vera and Gregory. Vera studies medicine in Stockholm with Ares and is clearly interested in him, though Ares maintains that they are nothing more than friends. Gregory, who is Anna’s older brother, attends the same class as Raquel. In the past, his former girlfriend left him for Ares, who dumped her soon after. Gregory has apparently held a grudge against the other boy. He becomes particularly irked when he learns that Raquel and Ares are dating.

Vera arrives on her family’s yacht, and she and the siblings quickly become part of the group. Daniela discovers a photo of Vera in one of Ares’ shirts and sends it to Raquel, who brings it up during a spin-the-bottle game. Ares earnestly says that he doesn’t remember. He was completely drunk at the time, and Vera later reveals that nothing really happened except that she put on his shirt. But this causes a rift between Ares and Raquel. While Ares stays home, she goes to the San Juan festival with her friends. Vera is also there, and she invites him to swim with her, but he declines. After she reveals the truth about what happened that night, he accuses her of lying, but she states that if he didn’t look so guilty during the game, the others would have never known about that night.

Their conversation is interrupted when Ares spots Yoshi falling from a cliff. He grabs a jet ski and rushes to the spot. He tries to save the other boy but is ultimately unsuccessful. During the funeral, Raquel and Ares have a big fight, during which she accuses him of being closed off and demands to know why he couldn’t save her friend. In response, he says that he could have saved Yoshi if he hadn’t spent the year with his face buried in the phone, effectively blaming their relationship. During her eulogy, Raquel calls their relationship temporary and a mistake, prompting Ares to return to Stockholm.

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