Does Brie End Up Together with Brady or Mike in Virgin River? [Theories]

Netflix’s ‘Virgin River‘ tells the tale of the residents of the fictional titular town in California. The story begins as nurse practitioner and midwife Melinda “Mel” Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) arrives in town seeking a new beginning after her husband’s tragic death. Initially, she is reluctant to stay in the town after learning that her current boss doesn’t want her there, but as the series progresses, she realizes Virgin River can be her home. She even finds love again in Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), the dashing former Marine and local bar owner.

In the show, Brie Sheridan (Zibby Allen), Dan Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth), and Mike Valenzuela (Marco Grazzini) are all connected to Jack. Brie is Jack’s younger sister, while Brady and Mike are former Marines. Brady initially becomes involved with the criminal elements of Virgin River but later starts making active efforts to turn his life around. As for Mike, he is a police detective. A classic whirlwind love triangle seems to have formed between the three of them. If you are wondering who Brie will end up with in ‘Virgin River,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Brie End Up Together with Brady or Mike?

Brie, a distinguished attorney, makes her first appearance in the season 3 premiere episode. We learn that she came to Virgin River after Jack was shot. Her brother quickly figures out that something is going on with her. Brie later reveals to Mel that the man she was in a relationship with raped her. Although Jack doesn’t know this, he encourages Brie to stay in Virgin River.

Brady has been part of the narrative since the beginning. In his introductory scene, it is heavily implied that he has stolen money from Jack. However, Jack readily forgives him, much to Preacher’s disapproval. Later, when Brady asks to be made the bar’s manager, Jack refuses to do it. This leads Brady to work for Calvin, a local drug lord. After Jack gets shot in the season 2 finale, he comes to believe that Brady is responsible.

In season 3, Brady falls in love with Brie. Mike, who makes his first appearance in season 1, harbors romantic feelings for Brie as well. However, the former is much more vocal about how he feels and confesses to Brie, who initially doesn’t reciprocate. In the season 3 finale, Brady is arrested after the gun with which Jack was shot is found in his car.

In the fourth season, Brie realizes that even though Brady has made a lot of mistakes in his life, he didn’t shoot her brother. She convinces a reluctant Mike to help her prove Brady’s innocence. They learn a name, Melissa, the person who paid the bail bond to get Brady out of prison. It is revealed that this Melissa is Melissa Montgomery, Nick’s sister and apparently the person behind the entire drug operation. Meanwhile, Jack recalls that he was shot by Wes’ twin brother Vincent, not Brady. By the end of the season, Brady is a free man and in a relationship with Brie. He also knows what happened to her.

‘Virgin River’ is based on the namesake novel series by Robyn Carr. ‘Whispering Rock, the third book in the series, revolves around the relationship between Mike and Brie. Brady is one of the main characters of book seven, ‘Paradise Valley,’ though it seems he is not a Marine. The makers of the series took much creative liberty while adapting the books. So, even if something happened in the novels, that doesn’t mean we will see it on screen. This seems to be the case with Brady, Mike, and Brie. The series’ creators appear to be interested in establishing a relationship between Brie and Brady.

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