Does Cal Die in Manifest Season 4? [Spoiler]

The third season of ‘Manifest’ ends with the disappearance of Cal Stone as he touches the tailfin of Montego Air Flight 828. While his father Ben Stones sets out to find him, Cal, five and a half years older, appears at his house to meet his dying mother Grace Stone. In the fourth season of the supernatural series, which premiered on Netflix, Cal tries his best to unravel the mystery behind the divine consciousness with Saanvi Bahl. However, his attempts to save the Lifeboat get challenged when his life gets threatened. So, does Cal die in the final season of the show? Let us share our theories regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to Cal in Manifest?

After disappearing from Eureka, Cal returns to his house and family five and a half years older. He plays a major role in rescuing Eden Stone from Angelina Meyer and solving the mystery behind the sapphire. While trying to save the Lifeboat and overcome the death date, Cal’s health deteriorates. Although he ignores the same, Zeke Landon takes him to Alex Bates. Alex conducts a biopsy and diagnoses that Cal has cancer. After consulting with Saanvi, she concludes that Cal has only weeks, or even days in the worst-case scenario, of life left in him. He also accepts that his death is near as he expresses his wish to live the rest of his days to the fullest.

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However, Zeke doesn’t allow Cal’s cancer to kill him. After obtaining the Omega sapphire from Eagan Tehrani, Angelina initiates the volcanic apocalypse. Zeke realizes that Cal is the only one who can save the world from the impending apocalypse as he overhears a conversation between Olive and TJ. He starts to believe the billions living in the world deserve to live if the cost of the same is his life. He touches Cal and extracts terminal cancer from the latter to his body. Soon, Cal wakes up as a rejuvenated man while Zeke dies.

Although Cal escapes from cancer, it doesn’t mean that he has survived death. Since Angelina sets out to witness the end of the world, Cal is expected to stop her. Angelina may try her best to kill Cal using the sapphire she possesses. Considering that she tries to kill him by creating a calling with the fake image of his dead mother Grace, Angelina may try to annihilate him again. She knows that Cal has the power to stop her and she may go to any lengths to ensure that he will fail. If that’s the case, Cal may need to kill her before she could kill to survive.

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/Netflix

If Cal attempts to save the world from the volcanic apocalypse, the consequences of the same can be severe. It will not be safe for him to access the callings in the divine consciousness. When Kathryn Fitz tried to do the same using a group of passengers, they all died neurologically. One can only hope that the sapphire in Cal will stop him from the same fate. Still, Cal may never think twice about sacrificing himself if it becomes a necessity. Even if his death isn’t a necessity, a return to the divine consciousness where he grows five and a half years is possible.

When Cal is with Daly and Fiona in the realm after touching the tailfin, the pilot lets him know that he “belongs” to the realm. When he gets prepared to leave the place, Daly even tries his best to stop him by trying to make Cal realize that the realm is his new home. If Cal really belongs to the same, a return to the place may even make him immortal. However, if that happens, he will be as good as dead for his family since he isn’t around them. But if he can still communicate with them from the realm, Ben and his aunt Michaela Stone may accept his disappearance rather than death.

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