Does Devi Get Pregnant in Never Have I Ever?

Image Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ wraps up the story of Indian-American teenager Devi Vishwakumar with its fourth season. When it started, Devi was single and determined to change her relationship status by getting a boyfriend. She sets her eyes on Paxton but dates other boys over the seasons, exploring what she wants from a relationship. This helps Devi grow as a person as she learns to let go of her impulsiveness and anger.

In the fourth season, Devi’s love life goes through a tumultuous curve as she struggles to keep her feelings about Ben in check while dating Ethan, the new hot guy in school. She also loses her virginity and has an active sex life. If you are wondering whether Devi gets pregnant in the fourth season of ‘Never Have I Ever,’ then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Devi’s Relationship Rollercoaster: No Pregnancy Involved

No, Devi does not get pregnant in ‘Never Have I Ever.’ In the show’s third season, Devi dates Paxton, who breaks up with her after she exhibits insecurity. Then, she meets Des, who is great for her because even Nalini approves of her dating her. However, Des’s mom doesn’t want her son to be with Devi, so they break up. In between all this, Devi and Ben patch up after they’d broken up in Season 2 when he found out that Devi was dating him and Paxton at the same time. After her breakup with Des, Devi complains about dying an old virgin. As a consolation, Ben offers her “one free boink.” It starts as a joke, but at the end of Season 3, Devi shows up at Ben’s door.

The fourth season begins in the aftermath of Devi and Ben’s night together. An already awkward situation turns worse when Ben suggests Devi should go home. Further miscommunication leads Ben to believe that Devi’s experience with him wasn’t good and that she doesn’t want to be with him. Instead of talking to her about it, he ghosts Devi for the rest of the summer and starts dating Margot.

When school starts, and Devi sees Ben and Margot together, she eventually accepts that Ben has moved on from her. Soon after, Ethan becomes interested in her, and after a little hiccup, where Ethan seems to be making out with every girl interested in him, they become exclusive. Devi confesses that having sex the first time was a little weird, but her perspective on the topic changes when she starts dating Ethan. Ethan is considered a bad boy and doesn’t seem as academically keen as Devi, but with him, she has a thriving sexual life, and that’s enough for her.

While she enjoys her time with Ethan, Devi accepts that she cannot be with Ethan. He is not just a bad boy but a bad person who vandalizes his teachers’ cars and steals the wallets of people who irk him. Apart from their ideological differences, it is dangerous for her to be around him because his actions could jeopardize her future. So, Devi breaks up with him and focuses on her future.

Despite dating Ethan and then briefly kissing Paxton, Devi’s feelings for Ben don’t change. After they graduate and Ben goes to New York for an internship, he realizes he doesn’t just like Devi; he loves her. Instead of holding back his feelings, like he did all this while, he tells Devi about it. He shows up at Nirmala and Len’s wedding and professes his love, which she reciprocates.

Following this, they have sex, but things are not awkward between them this time because they are honest about their feelings. Now that everything is cleared up, they decide to date each other. In the final scene, we see Devi and Ben together at her dorm in Princeton, which confirms that they are together. However, there is nothing that suggests that Devi might be pregnant. Instead, she is focused entirely on her college life.

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