Does Diamond Die? Is Tyler Lepley Leaving P-Valley?

The second season finale episode of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ offers several astounding developments to its viewers. Whether it be the Chucalissa mayor election result or Uncle Clifford’s heroics upon regaining The Pynk from Hailey Colton AKA Autumn Night, the finale has indeed lived up to the expectations of the ardent admirers of the show. But the most engrossing part of the same has to be the unforeseen ambush Diamond suffers at the end of the episode. As an unexpected enemy holds a high-end gun at him, the viewers must be wondering whether he dies. Let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Diamond Die?

No, Diamond does not die, at least not yet. When Diamond gets ready to “take care” of Derrick, he gets ambushed by Big Bone and Big Bawse. The latter has a ring identical to Montavius’ ring on his finger, indicating that he is part of Montavius’ gang. He must have arrived in Chucalissa after Big Bone has sent him the image of Montavius’ ring Diamond keeps with him. Even though Bawse holds a gun at Diamond, he doesn’t kill him, indicating that he needs Diamond alive for now. He may try to find out what really happened to Montavius before thinking about killing Diamond.

Big Bawse must have already realized that Diamond is a stranger to Montavius. He must be thinking that such a stranger will not kill his fellow gang member without any motivation. Thus, Big Bone and Big Bawse must have abducted Diamond to elicit the truth regarding Montavius’ death rather than to kill him. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Diamond’s life is not under threat. Diamond, to stick with his principles, may not reveal the truth that Mercedes killed Montavius to his abductors. After taking care of Mercedes Woodbine, like any other dancer at The Pynk, for a long time, Diamond may not jeopardize her life by revealing the truth.

Since Hailey has left The Pynk and disappeared from Chucalissa, Diamond may reveal her name to Big Bawse. If the latter gets convinced that Hailey is the one behind Montavius’ death, he may not try to unnecessary kill Diamond. In addition, Diamond is a strong fighter. If Big Bawse is adamant about hurting Diamond, we may see the latter trying his best to escape from the former, even if it means killing him. As Diamond’s life gets threatened, fans of the show must be alarmed about the possibility of Tyler Lepley’s departure from the show. So, is Lepley exiting the drama series? Let’s find out.

Is Tyler Lepley Leaving P-Valley?

As of yet, neither Starz nor Tyler Lepley released a statement concerning the supposed departure of the actor from ‘P-Valley.’ Even though Diamond’s life gets threatened, the possibility of him escaping from or defeating Big Bawse indicates that Lepley may remain a part of the show’s cast if the show gets greenlit for the third season. Rather than Diamond’s death, we may see Big Bawse interrogating Diamond regarding Montavius’ death. Big Bawse’s decision to not kill Diamond is a strong indication that Diamond most likely will be a part of the potential third season’s narrative.

Except for a project named ‘Slaughter On! Slumber Party Slaughter 2,’ Lepley is not engaged with any productions that would come in the way between the actor and the show’s possible third season as well. Considering these possibilities, we believe that Tyler Lepley will likely continue featuring in the show if the third season becomes a reality.

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