Is Hailey (Autumn Night) Pregnant in P-Valley? Theories

In the second season of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley,’ Hailey Colton AKA Autumn Night tries her best to do justice to her ambitions. She demands $10 million for the sale of The Pynk despite the fierce opposition of Uncle Clifford and Mercedes Woodbine. She even helps Keyshawn AKA Miss Mississippi to leave her abusive boyfriend Derrick to start a new and brighter chapter of her life.

Hailey gradually establishes herself as a strong and independent woman among her acquaintances. However, in the ninth episode of the second season, we see a vulnerable side of the same woman, physically and emotionally. The symptoms she displays must have made the viewers wonder whether she is pregnant. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Hailey (Autumn Night) Pregnant?

The ninth episode of the second season follows Hailey guiding the preparations for the re-opening night of The Pynk. She gives Keyshawn an opportunity to headline the night with Roulette and Whisper as secondary performers. She also deals with Mercedes, who questions her decisions as she fails to be fit enough to headline the night. As the preparations continue, Hailey rushes to the toilet out of the blue to vomit. As she takes a moment to process the same, she encounters Whisper, who asks her whether she is ready to welcome the twins, indicating the possibility of her being pregnant with twins.

Hailey’s actions that follow her vomiting episode are equally suspicious. Andre Watkins arrives at The Pynk to speak to his voters and starts the celebrations of his possible victory. He passes alcohol to Hailey to celebrate but she pours it onto the floor instead of drinking it. When Andre notices the same, she quickly creates an excuse that she needs to be sober to ensure that the strip club is well run throughout the night. Since a single drink wouldn’t have made any difference, Hailey must have avoided the drink for a significant reason and it can be because she is pregnant.

In addition, Hailey behaves awkwardly around Andre Watkins, her sexual partner and potentially her “official” boyfriend. When the re-opening night performances continue, she meets Andre and lets him know that she has something to tell him. Since she hesitates to tell him while they are in the strip club and waits till reaching Andre’s home, it is evident that it is a serious matter. Even though the episode doesn’t reveal what she has to tell him, her behavior towards him indicates that it can be that she is pregnant with his baby/babies. In the second season finale, Hailey may make it clear whether she is pregnant.

Hailey has never moved on from the loss of her daughter, even after coming to Chucalissa for a fresh start in her life. Although she establishes herself in the city under the name Autumn Night, she fails to completely get over her past. She helps Keyshawn to escape from Derrick because she doesn’t want to see the latter’s kids suffer as she sees her daughter in Keyshawn’s kids. Such a woman may want to become a mother again and if she is pregnant, Hailey may seriously consider keeping the baby.

Since Andre’s wife Britney Watkins returns to his life in the ninth episode of the second season, it is not sure whether he will be there for Hailey if she is pregnant with his baby/babies. If Britney is not meeting her husband to discuss divorce, Hailey may lose the father of her baby/babies if she is really pregnant.

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