Will Hailey Sell The Pynk to Georgie in P-Valley? Theories

In the second season of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley,’ Hailey Colton AKA Autumn Night becomes the new empress of The Pynk. She limits Uncle Clifford’s control in the affairs of the establishment and even puts the strip club for sale despite the former’s opposition. In the seventh and eighth episodes of the second season, Hailey discusses the sale of The Pynk with The Promised Land executive Georgia Anne “Georgie” Batson. Georgie offers $5 million for the strip club, an offer that is worth $4 million more than what Corbin Kyle offers Hailey. If the viewers are eager to know whether the new owner will sell the strip club to Georgie, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Hailey Sell The Pynk to Georgie?

Upon buying The Pynk for $250,000, Hailey realizes that the strip club will help her materialize all her ambitions. Upon re-evaluating the strip club’s worth, Corbin Kyle offers Hailey $1 million for the sale of the strip club but Hailey demands $10 million to approve the sale of the same. She knows that if The Promised Land wins the referendum, the strip club will turn out to be much more valuable than what Corbin offers her. Since The Pynk’s land is essential for the construction of the resort and casino, she plays hardball with Corbin.

Georgie Batson enters the scene when Corbin hesitates to up his offer even a penny. As a no non-sense businesswoman, Georgie realizes that Corbin is insulting Hailey and her ambitions by offering $1 million when it is very evident that the establishment is much more valuable than that sum. As a woman and businesswoman, Georgie respects Hailey’s position and ambitions and offers $5 million for the strip club. She believes that her offer is an astounding upgrade to Corbin’s offer. However, Hailey lets Georgie know that she will not consider selling The Pynk if the offer is not $10 million.

By resiliently demanding $10 million for The Pynk, Hailey is nothing but gambling with her fortunes. If The Promised Land wins the referendum, Hailey’s position will not be the same and Georgie even reminds Hailey that selling the strip club before the poll result is advantageous for her. Still, Hailey hasn’t changed her stand that Georgie needs to increase her offer. Considering the lack of any other potential buyers, Hailey may eventually need to meet Georgie midway if she wants to sell the strip club. In whatever way the numbers change, Hailey may ultimately sell the strip club since she wants the money.

The Pynk is a business that is getting run in losses, especially due to the covid-19 pandemic. If Hailey chooses not to sell it at the right time, she will succumb to more loss and her ambitions will remain unfulfilled. Since it is evident that Hailey doesn’t want that, she will most likely approve the sale after ensuring that she will receive the maximum money for the strip club, even if it is not $10 million. Her unflinching behavior towards Georgie can be her way of making it clear that she cannot be taken advantage of. If Andre wins the mayor election, Hailey may team up with him and make The Promised Land pay more money for the strip club.

However, Hailey may not sell The Pynk if Uncle Clifford changes her mind. Since the strip club is also a shrine of Clifford’s ancestors, she considers the establishment as more than stones and cement. If she eventually succeeds in imparting the same sentiment to Hailey, the latter may reconsider. But several misfortunes have influenced Hailey to prioritize her ambitions over anyone’s emotions. Thus, we can expect her battle with Clifford to continue regarding the sale of the place.

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