Does Doctor Psycho Appear in Harley Quinn Season 3? Who Voices Him?

Doctor Psycho is one of the most important characters in the adult animated seriesHarley Quinn.’ He Has been part of the narrative since the beginning. His real name is Edgar Cizko. A middle-aged, short man with a rotten, misogynistic attitude, Doctor Psycho possesses impressive telekinetic and telepathic powers. Early in season 1, after he uses an expletive — and not because of his penchant for committing indiscriminate violence and murder — Doctor Psycho becomes a social pariah, including in the eyes of fellow supervillains. Lex Luthor subsequently banishes him. Having no other choice, Doctor Psycho joins Harley’s crew. However, he quits the team in the second season and serves as one of the antagonists. He is ultimately defeated and sent to Arkham Asylum. If you are wondering whether he appears in the third season of ‘Harley Quinn,’ we got you covered.

Does Doctor Psycho Appear in Harley Quinn Season 3?

Doctor Psycho doesn’t appear in the first three episodes of the third season of ‘Harley Quinn.’ This makes one thing clear — he is not one of the main characters, at least in this season. However, that doesn’t mean he will not appear in the season at all. In fact, series co-developer and showrunner Patrick Schumacker heavily implied in an interview with that Doctor Psycho would appear in a new role in season 3, asserting that they love Doctor Psycho and the actor who voices him.

“… we want Doctor Psycho to come back,” Schumacker stated. “But obviously after what happened in season two, making him part of the crew still seems like a nonstarter. Figuring out ways to continue to incorporate him into the storylines, and is he someone who will be sort of like the Hannibal Lecter character, as a sort of like dark mentor behind bars to Harley and Ivy as they navigate their way through the story of season three, was one thought that we had. So yeah, we really want to get him back in the story.”

So, Doctor Psycho will most likely be part of the third season of the show. He may not play the active role he does in the first two seasons, but given what Schumacker said, there is definitely a place for him in the story.

Who Voices Doctor Psycho?

Doctor Psycho is voiced by actor and comedian Tony Hale, who also voices Felix Faust and several other minor characters in the series. Originally from West Point, New York, Hale spent his childhood in Tallahassee, Florida. He received acting lessons when he was quite young at the Young Actors Theatre and was involved in several stage productions. He is an alumnus of the School of Communication and the Arts of Regent University in Virginia.

After completing his education, Hale spent eight years in New York, honing his craft. He made his on-screen debut in 1995 in the TV movie ‘The Least of These.’ It took him about nine years after that to appear on the big screen in ‘Stateside’ in 2004. Since then, Hale has established himself as a prominent comedic actor by portraying characters like Byron “Buster” Bluth in ‘Arrested Development‘ and Gary Walsh in ‘Veep.’ For the latter, he received the Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 2013 and 2015.

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