Does Dr. Blake Leave for Boston? Did Sarah Rafferty Leave Chicago Med?

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Since the seventh season of NBC’s medical series ‘Chicago Med,’ Sarah Rafferty’s Dr. Pamela Blake has captivated the viewers by bringing tensions to the storyline of Dr. Crockett Marcel. Although they don’t start their relationship pleasantly, Blake and Marcel eventually end up dating despite the latter’s history with the former’s daughter. Their companionship quickly becomes strong and mature as Blake even trusts the other to make life-altering decisions on her behalf when she undergoes surgery. Blake’s decision paves the way for astounding consequences, which affects her future at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center as well. So, is she no longer at the hospital? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Dr. Blake’s Departure From Boston

Yes, Dr. Blake does leave for Boston. In the seventh season of the show, Blake undergoes major surgery. Before the same, she gives Marcel the power of attorney to make any decision on her behalf. During the surgery, Marcel confronts a need to choose between Blake’s life and mobility, only to choose the former. After the surgery, Blake wakes up and realizes that she cannot do surgery for a while. She blames Marcel for leaving her in such a state when she has trusted him to make the best decision for her. Although he tries to explain his reasons, Blake dismisses him. In the eighth season, Blake decides that her time at Gaffney has come to an end.

Image Credit: George Burns Jr/NBC

After the surgery, Blake completes her rehabilitation and gets prepared to do surgery again. However, she doesn’t want to continue at Gaffney, along with Marcel, who has nearly killed the surgeon in her. She moves to Boston to join another hospital so that she can start a new chapter of her life away from the traumatic experience that involves her “ex-partner.” Blake leaves for Boston even without bidding her adieu to Marcel, who unsuccessfully tries to meet her one last time before she leaves for Massachusetts. Since Blake is not working at Gaffney anymore, the viewers must be fearing whether Sarah Rafferty had left the show. Let us share everything you need to know.

Sarah Rafferty Left Chicago Med

Yes, Sarah Rafferty did leave ‘Chicago Med.’ In September 2022, co-showrunners of the show Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov confirmed that Rafferty is no longer a part of the show’s cast. “No, she [Blake] will not [be in the eighth season]. She’s gone away to rehab. We will reference her but we won’t see her,” Frolov told Deadline. Although Rafferty will not feature in the upcoming episodes of the show, references to Blake will play a part in Marcel’s storyline. “He [Marcel] will hear about her. There will be references to her. We won’t see her, but we will be dealing with the emotional aftermath from his point of view,” Frolov told Variety.

Image Credit: George Burns Jr/NBC

Although neither NBC nor Rafferty has explicitly revealed the explicit reason behind the actress’ departure from the show, Rafferty must have left the medical drama to join other projects. Rafferty is part of the cast of Netflix’s upcoming romance series ‘My Life With the Walter Boys,’ which is based on the eponymous novel by Ali Novak. Rafferty plays Dr. Katherine Walter, a veterinarian by profession and an artist by passion who is also the friend of the protagonist Jackie Howard’s mother.

Although Rafferty left ‘Chicago Med,’ we may haven’t seen the last of her in the medical drama. Schneider confirmed that Rafferty’s Blake does possess the potential for a return to the show. “[…] certainly down the line she [Blake] could come back. Again, it’s an open-ended thing but he has to deal with the emotional fallout from that decision he [Marcel] made,” the co-showrunner added to Deadline. The co-showrunners also reminded the viewers that characters “very often” return to the show if they are alive, which is the case with Blake as well.

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