Does Last Night in Soho Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Image Credit: Parisa Taghizadeh/Focus Features

Director Edgar Wright brings his charmingly kinetic filmmaking style to the psychological horror genre with ‘Last Night in Soho.’ It revolves around an aspiring fashion designer who discovers a way to travel back and forth to the 1960s, where she enters a glamorous world through the perspective of a young singer. However, things take a dark turn when the worlds begin to collide. The film has received praise from critics for the most part, but the handling of some sensitive themes and the ending have divided opinions.

As with any movie these days, viewers might wonder whether certain elements are purposefully designed to facilitate a sequel. Post-credit scenes are often used to tease the possibility of a follow-up and/or to wrap up any loose ends. Therefore, fans must be curious to find out whether there is an extra scene at the end of ‘Last Night in Soho’ as well. Here’s a definitive answer that should put a rest to your question. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Does Last Night in Soho Have an End-Credits Scene?

‘Last Night in Soho’ in no way is your fairly typical horror affair. The fact becomes evident as the audience and the protagonist, Ellie, learn more and more about the wannabe singer, Sandie. Ellie tries to uncover the truth about Sandie’s mysterious disappearance as she grows increasingly haunted by the spirits of men who tortured Sandie. It is revealed that Sandie is Ellie’s landlady, Ms. Collins.

Image Credit: Parisa Taghizadeh/Focus Features

She killed her manager Jack after he forced her into prostitution and threatened her with a knife. Shortly after, Sandie murdered all people who caused her trauma. In the end, Sandie tries to kill Ellie, who sympathizes with her and manages to escape while the house burns down with Sandie and the men’s corpses inside it. The movie ends with Ellie finding success as a fashion designer and living a happy life. The credits roll and continue to roll until the very end, as there is no end-credits scene attached to the movie.

The credits sequence shines a spotlight on the incredible cast and crew whose efforts helped the filmmaker achieve his vision. Therefore, even though there is no end-credits scene, the audiences might want to stick around through the credits and appreciate the handwork of everyone involved with the film. Like any Edgar Wright film, ‘Last Night in Soho’ has a killer soundtrack, and you can sit through the credits to learn more about these songs as well.

The lack of an after-credits scene isn’t surprising as the film’s ending ties up the narrative quite cleanly. Post-credits are mostly a staple of franchise filmmaking, and by the looks of it, ‘Last Night in Soho’ is mostly a standalone feature piece. It is exquisitely crafted with “a one of a kind” vibe to it, and the ending of the movie further proves that. That’s not to say there is no chance of the film receiving a sequel, but the makers likely haven’t thought that far ahead. Therefore, when the credits roll, that’s a wrap on the complex journey of Ellie and Sandie.

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