Does Lloyd Die on Yellowstone? Is He Leaving the Show?

Yellowstone‘ has developed a reputation for delivering surprising interpersonal conflicts by putting unexpected characters at odds with one another. Moreover, these conflicts can often be deadly, leading fans to worry about the fates of their favorite characters. One such storyline is currently unfolding in the show’s fourth season, with seniormost ranch hand Lloyd Pierce finding himself in trouble after failing to curb his despise for Walker. Here’s what happens to Lloyd in ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 and whether the situation will lead to his eventual demise.

Does Lloyd Die on Yellowstone? Is He Leaving the Show?

The fourth season of ‘Yellowstone’ pits Lloyd at odds with his close friend and ranch foreman Rip Wheeler. Since Lloyd’s love interest, Laramie developed a crush on Walker, Lloyd has harbored a grudge against the former convict. In the fourth episode of the season, Lloyd tries to assert his dominance on Walker and the other ranch hands. However, he receives an earful from John followed by a snarky comment by Walker.

Lloyd and Walker engage in a brawl at the bunkhouse, and Rip is forced to step in. Rip punishes Lloyd for breaking the no-fighting rule and beats him black and blue. Rip’s beating leaves Lloyd with a nasty swollen eye. Moreover, Rip treats Lloyd harshly for his actions during work. Although Rip’s beating is pretty severe, it was never intended to kill Lloyd or even critically hurt him.

Later, John reminds Rip of what Lloyd means to him, and Rip tells John that their friendship is the only reason he spared Lloyd. Does that mean Rip would have killed Lloyd? Most certainly not. Rip later explains to Lloyd that he wants his friend to play nice with Walker because it is in the ranch’s best interest. Rip reminds Lloyd that John wants Walker at the ranch, and they shouldn’t go against his wishes. Therefore, it is clear to see why Rip is pissed at Lloyd. However, it is unclear whether Lloyd will comply with Rip’s command and, in turn, John’s wishes. Later at night, Lloyd sees Walker and Laramie kissing, which is likely to reinvigorate his hatred towards Walker.

If Lloyd decides to pick a fight with Walker again, Rip might have to take a more hardened approach to restrain Lloyd. Still, Rip killing Lloyd sounds like a farfetched idea. However, if Lloyd turns on Rip, John, and the ranch, Rip will be left with no choice but to kill his close friend. It remains to be seen whether the writers will decide to take that route.

Another scenario where such a storyline could play out is if actor Forrie J. Smith who plays Lloyd, decides to leave the show. As of now, Smith hasn’t expressed an intention of exiting the Western drama and is expected to appear throughout the fourth season as a series regular. Therefore, fans should rest assured that Lloyd isn’t leaving the Yellowstone Ranch anytime soon.

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