What’s Going on Between Rip and Lloyd on Yellowstone? Are They Still Friends?

The fourth season of ‘Yellowstone‘ is living up to its hype by delivering some surprising interpersonal conflicts between characters we never thought we’d see at odds with one another. In recent weeks, close friends Rip and Lloyd have found themselves in a rather difficult position.

Rip’s actions towards Lloyd have raised question marks over their friendship and viewers are fretting that the duo will end up developing hostility towards each other. If you wish to catch up on the latest developments on the feud between Rip and Lloyd, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know in that regard!

What’s Going on Between Rip and Llyod on Yellowstone?

Fans of ‘Yellowstone’ are plenty aware of the close and cordial relationship that Rip Wheeler and Lloyd share on the show. The two are one of the longest-serving members of the Yellowstone Ranch, and Lloyd has been by Rip’s side since he was a little kid. Lloyd has seen Rip grow into a strong, capable man. However, with Rip becoming John’s right-hand man and the ranch foreman, tension was bound to erupt between them at some point.

At the end of the third season, Walker returns to the Yellowstone Ranch. Rip already harbors hatred towards the cowboy-turned singer. Walker inadvertently steals Lloyd’s lover, Laramie, earning him the older ranch hand’s ire as well. However, in the fourth episode of season 4, things come to a head between Walker and Lloyd after the former undermines the latter’s authority. Later at the bunkhouse, Lloyd and Walker engage in a brawl, and Rip is forced to step in. He beats up Lloyd for breaking the no-fighting in the bunkhouse rule. Since their fight, things don’t seem right between the duo.

Are Rip and Lloyd Still Friends?

Rip and Lloyd’s friendship reaches its peak in the third season when Rip asks Lloyd to be the best man at his wedding. However, things are on the downturn for the duo with their recent brawl. Rip’s beating not only leaves Lloyd with a nasty blue eye but also scars him internally. In the fifth episode, Rip treats Lloyd harshly during work. John tries to remind Rip of what Lloyd means to him. Rip counters by telling John that he went easy on Lloyd only because of their friendship.

Lloyd confronts Rip about their awkwardness, and Rip reminds Lloyd that he must always put the ranch first, implying that playing nice with Walker is in the ranch’s best interests. Rip’s feelings are understandable as there’s no one who wants Walker dead more than him. However, it remains to be seen whether Lloyd understands the same.

For now, it seems like Rip and Lloyd’s friendship is hanging in the balance. If Lloyd acts against Walker again, Rip might be forced to take another strict action towards his friend. Lloyd might turn on Rip if he feels undermined, and it could spell the end of their friendship. We will have to stay tuned to find out which path the duo heads into in the coming episodes.

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