Does Lucy Die in The Rookie? Theories

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The fifth season of ABC’s police procedural showThe Rookie’ follows an intriguing phase of Lucy Chen’s personal and professional lives. She gets together with her superior Tim Bradford after sharing intimacy with him during an undercover mission. She also prepares for the detective’s exam to make progress in her career. Lucy has been a part of the investigation of several enthralling crimes throughout the five seasons of the show, dealing with criminals of varying kinds. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that the viewers are worried about her possible death. Since the crime drama has surprised us with astounding character deaths, Lucy’s possible death must be a concern. Well, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Fate of Lucy

‘The Rookie’ has a reputation for astounding character deaths. The fourth season of the show begins with the murder of Officer Jackson West, who gets fatally shot. Captain Zoe Andersen’s death after saving John Nolan’s life and Chris Rios’ death and its impact on Jackson did move the viewers. Lucy has come close to death several times. In the fourth season, Rosalind Dyer even kidnaps her. The police officer gets forced to get into a barrel, only for her to get buried alive. Even though she confronts her possible death, she somehow manages to stay away from the same by coming out of the barrel before she runs out of oxygen.

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In the fifth season of the show, Lucy puts her life on the line more than ever to solve varying sorts of cases. She even gets trapped inside a building without any network to call for help, only to get saved by her colleague. Since she is trying to become a detective, Lucy has to really commit to her job, likely leading her to life-threatening situations. After witnessing Jackson’s death, the viewers may not want to bid adieu to another main character of the procedural drama, which must have paved the way for discussions about Lucy’s possible death.

Lucy’s fifth-season storyline heavily revolves around her undercover missions as well. She partners up with Tim to bring down a significant criminal, which leads her to attend the courses that would prepare her to be an efficient undercover agent. Since her life is more threatened than ever during undercover missions, the viewers can’t be blamed for worrying over her fate. For the record, Lucy’s death isn’t an impossibility. As a committed and courageous police officer, nothing has stopped Lucy from prioritizing the well-being of her community over protecting herself. Since character deaths are an integral part of police procedurals, Lucy stands the chance to get killed off like any other main character of the series.

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However, the trajectory of the show’s storyline indicates that we may not see Lucy dying anytime soon. The second half of the fifth season depicts Lucy and Tim’s relationship in detail. They deal with several conflicts that arise due to their union, including Tim being Lucy’s superior and a part of her chain of command. The couple also deals with Tamara’s presence in their life. In the nineteenth episode of the season, Lucy is preparing for the detective’s exam, which may limit the time she can spend with Tim. The upcoming episodes of the series are expected to focus on Lucy’s plans for her future and their possible impact on her relationship with Tim.

Since Lucy is one of the most significant characters in the show, it is unlikely that the writers of the series will kill her off if Melissa O’Neil, who plays the character, is not slated to leave the series. As of now, neither Melissa nor ABC has released an announcement concerning the actress’ supposed departure from the procedural series. Therefore, we may not need to worry about Lucy’s fate in the near future.

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