Does Molly Die in Dexter: New Blood?

Molly Park (Jamie Chung) is one of the new characters in ‘Dexter: New Blood.’ She is an immensely popular true-crime podcaster who hosts the ‘Merry F***ing Kill’ show. In episode 3, right after the dog squad is brought in to search for Matt, she makes her first appearance. Molly claims to be a citizen activist, there to help out with the search. However, her real identity is later revealed.

Audrey is a fan of hers. Molly’s is one of the true-crime podcasts that she shares with Harrison. Later, Harrison listens to the episode on the Trinity Killer and learns exactly how his mother was killed and how he was found. This seems to trigger the Dark Passenger that he inherited from his father, and he hurts Ethan, a boy who is supposed to be his friend. As a true-crime podcaster, Molly makes content about murderers. But this time, she is actually part of a developing case. If you are wondering whether she survives in ‘Dexter: New Blood,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Molly Die in Dexter: New Blood?

No, Molly doesn’t die in ‘Dexter: New Blood.’ As of episode 5, she is very much alive and even helping Angela with the Matt Caldwell investigation as well as the case of Iron Lake’s disappearing young women. She has a brief romantic fling with Sergeant Logan, but in episode 5, she unceremoniously ends it when he questions her reasons for accompanying Angela to New York City.

Molly seems to have a very popular girl-esque, narcissistic personality. But that often seems to make people underestimate her razor-sharp intellect. She is one of the best in her field for a reason and apparently has an intuitive ability to find cases that deserve her attention. It’s that same ability that helps her see potential in Angela’s search for missing young women. She possesses that “it” factor that makes a great reporter, even though she refuses to be called as such, claiming that print is dead.

In episode 5, she travels to New York City with Angela and visits the hotel where Matt’s credits card has been used. The man at the reception initially refuses to share any information about a guest of the hotel. When Molly’s charm doesn’t work, Angela pulls her badge out and threatens to swarm the hotel with NYPD officers. This does the trick, and the hotel official agrees to share their security footage with her. Molly is also present in the scene in which Angel Batista makes his first appearance in ‘Dexter: New Blood.’ Later, while watching the footage, Molly and Angela discover that the person who stayed at the hotel until a day ago and used Matt’s credit card is not Matt.

While Molly is alive for now, that can change at any time. There are two serial killers (Kurt and Dexter) and a budding psychopath (Harrison) in Iron Lake. While she doesn’t necessarily fit the type of victims that either Dexter or Kurt prefers, they can potentially make an exception if they feel that she has come close to discovering their identities.

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