Does Neo Die in The Matrix Resurrections?

In ‘The Matrix Resurrections,’ Neo (Keanu Reeves) initially has the same journey as the one he had in the first ‘Matrix’ film. He is trapped in the Matrix until someone named Morpheus and a girl with a white rabbit tattoo help him get out. But the 4th installment in the ‘Matrix’ film series is incredibly self-aware. Thomas Anderson is a world-renowned video game designer working for a company named Dues Machina.

‘The Matrix’ is a trilogy of games that he created and thinks he based Neo on himself, Trinity on a married woman named Tiffany, and Smith on his partner. When the reality of his circumstances invades this make-belief world of the Matrix, Thomas has what he thinks are mental breakdowns. It is later revealed the humans have been looking for him for a long time, but they couldn’t find him before because how the rest of the world sees him is vastly different from his true self.

Thomas built a Modal or a simulation used to evolve programs and hid someone who is a blend of Morpheus and Smith. This new Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) comes to free him along with unplugged humans from the real world and turns Thomas, once more, into Neo. If you are wondering whether he survives at the end of ‘The Matrix Resurrections,’ we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Neo Die in The Matrix Resurrections?

No, Neo doesn’t die at the end of ‘The Matrix Resurrections.’ After the events of ‘The Matrix Revolutions,’ in which he does die, the Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) collected Neo’s and Trinity’s bodies and resurrected them using the Anomaleum. He soon discovered that neither of them was worth much individually. And when they bond together, catastrophe happens. But if he keeps them apart but close enough, the emotion provides a massive energy output. This became his blueprint in creating a new approach in energy creation for the machines. People pine for things that they don’t have and yet are afraid of losing things that they do. That became the very definition of reality. And it has worked so well that most people don’t even leave the Matrix.

Neo knows this Analyst as his therapist, who gave him blue pills to take every day. After being freed from the simulation, Neo learns that 60 years have passed since his and Trinity’s deaths. The real Morpheus is gone, as is Zion. But Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith) is there, who has served as the general of the free humans and helped build the new human city, Io. The peace that he and Trinity sacrificed their lives for exists in ways that he could have never imagined. Humans and a particular kind of machine known as the Synthients now work together.

While he was being extracted from his pod, Neo noticed that Trinity was there as well. He convinces his human rescuers, Bugs and her team, to help him rescue Trinity from the Matrix. They later discover that Smith, who really was Thomas’ partner, has also been freed. Neo confronts the Analyst, who gives him an ultimatum: surrender and go back into his pod, or he will kill Trinity.

Eventually, Neo receives help from Niobe and Sati, the program he met all those years ago, along with her parents. They decide to pull Trinity out of her pod. However, Sati warns that while Trinity doesn’t need to take a red pill if she is extracted this way, it still needs to be her choice. And Trinity ultimately chooses Neo and freedom. The ending seems to reveal that they both are part of the One. Trinity learns how to fly first and saves Neo. In the final scene, they tell the Analyst that they will remake the world before flying off together.

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