Does Nina Die in Beyond the Universe? What Happens to Gabriel?

Originally titled ‘Depois do Universo,’ Netflix’s ‘Beyond the Universe‘ is directed by Diego Freitas. The Brazilian comedy romance-drama film is about Nina, a talented pianist on the waitlist for a kidney transplant. When she meets Gabriel, one of the doctors who take care of her, the two form an unexpected bond, which reignites her passion for music and leads her down a path of hope and joy. Nina is a cynical person who believes she doesn’t have time for most things in life because of her illness. However, meeting Gabriel changes this; he urges her to audition to play with the Symphony Orchestra in São Paulo and even nudges her toward her musical dream.

As Nina continues with her newfound spirit in life, she starts to fall for Gabriel, and the two develop a profound relationship. In films like ‘Beyond the Universe,’ there are several crucial points where the character’s health and survivability are in question. Often, these films have bittersweet endings, and throughout the movie, the audience is left wondering if the character lives or dies. If this is the case with you as well, don’t worry, as we’ve got an answer for you. Let us find out what happens to Gabriel and Nina and if the latter dies in ‘Beyond the Universe.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Nina and Gabriel’s Fate

Nina gets a kidney transplant and lives, but Gabriel dies in ‘Beyond the Universe.’ Gabriel and Nina’s bond grows stronger as time passes. Although Nina’s condition slowly worsens, she is able to crack the first round of auditions. However, there’s a pressing issue that bothers Gabriel. Since he’s a doctor who has taken the Hippocratic Oath, he isn’t supposed to form any bond with his patients. In fact, Gabriel even takes the compatibility test to see if he can donate his kidney to Nina, but the results are negative. This comes to the notice of his father, Alberto, a doctor himself and the hospital’s owner.

Alberto is a strict father who reprimands his son for his behavior. However, the latter blames his father for his mother’s death. He says that as a husband, he should have been with his wife in her last days and not in a surgery room or a conference hall. Meanwhile, Nina fails to clear her second round because she suffers from an alveolar hemorrhage while auditioning.

Following this incident, Alberto informs the hospital’s board members about Gabriel’s relationship with Nina, and the resident doctor appears for an inquiry. But before the investigation concludes, the latter interrupts and testifies about how good a doctor Gabriel truly is, thus saving him from expulsion from the hospital. As the film progresses, we see Gabriel host a special audition for Nina after telling the judges about her condition. She manages to crack this round as well after a splendid performance.

Towards the film’s end, Gabriel goes on a hiking trip to Universe Point Mountain, where he and his mother used to go before she passed away. So, to commemorate her memory on her mother’s birthday, he goes to their favorite spot. As he takes out his mother’s picture, it flies away and gets stuck on a rock just beneath the mountain’s top. So he uses a rope and carabiner to move downwards and gets his hands on his picture again. However, his rope snaps, and he falls from the mountain.

Later, he is rushed to the hospital, where a doctor informs his father that Gabriel has a head injury that causes a subdural hemorrhage. In this way, he dies and leaves Nina. This makes Alberto sad as he realizes what he has lost, so to celebrate him and ensure his wishes are fulfilled, Alberto takes the compatibility test, which turns out positive and donates his kidney to Nina. It is his way of making up for this absence during his wife’s illness. Nina becomes alright and performs with the Symphony Orchestra; as the movie ends, she goes to the top of the Universe Point Mountain and sits there as Gabriel’s spirit watches her.

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