Does Niragi Die in Alice in Borderland? [SPOILERS]

Portrayed by Dôri Sakurada, Suguru Niragi is an important character in Netflix’s ‘Alice in Borderland.’ He makes his first appearance in the fifth episode of the first season, serving as an antagonist. Niragi is remorseless, psychotic, and completely apathetic to the suffering of others. In the old world, he faced relentless bullying as a youth, and much of his current personality stems from that horrific experience. Toward the end of the first season, Niragi gets severely burned and starts shooting. Aguni, a former SDF soldier, grabs Niragi and leaps toward a blazing fire. In season 2, both Aguni and Niragi are revealed to be alive, though the latter has severe burn marks on his body. If you are wondering whether he survives in season 2 as well, we got covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Niragi’s Fate in Alice in Borderland

No, Niragi doesn’t die in ‘Alice in Borderland.’ When Arisu, Usagi, Tatta, and Kuina arrive at the dockyard to play the game created by the King of Clubs, Niragi is already there and has put on one of the bracelets required the play the game. Even though the others don’t trust him, they have no other choice. Not participating in the competition isn’t an option either, as they know that the King of Spades is out there.

Niragi initially follows the instructions given to him, but when it becomes apparent that they might lose, he starts to blame Tatta as the opponent team succeeded in scoring a large number of points while Tatta was guarding the home base. He even tries to rape Usagi, but Arisu stops him and beats him to a pulp. After the game is won, Niragi departs separately from the others, knowing he will not be welcomed among them. But he does visit the makeshift grave that the others made for Tatta and pays his respect.

In episode 7, Niragi challenges Arisu and Chishiya in a three-way gunfight. When Usagi appears, he tries to shoot her, but Chishiya, acting selflessly, perhaps for the first time in a long while, steps between her and the bullet. Meanwhile, Arisu shoots Niragi with his hunting rifle. As the King of Spades appears and continues his killing spree, Arisu and Usagi move Niragi and Chishiya under the cars so they will be safe.

Although they are both shot, Niragi and Chishiya survive until Arisu and Usagi complete the final challenge, winning the game for the players. Like everyone else, Niragi is offered a choice between staying in the Borderlands as a citizen and organizing future games or returning to the old world. He surprises Chishiya, and perhaps himself as well, by choosing the latter. Perhaps the kindness that Arisu and Usagi showed him despite what he did gives him hope for his life in the old world.

Niragi and Chishiya wake up in the old world in a hospital in the beds next to each other. Niragi’s condition is rather bad, but he will live. Like everyone else, he doesn’t remember what happened in the Borderlands and discovers that he suffered a cardiac arrest and was clinically dead after a meteorite exploded over Tokyo.

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