Does Steve Horn Die in The Terminal List? [Spoiler]

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Based on the 2018 namesake novel by Jack Carr, ‘The Terminal List’ is a show about a Navy SEAL’s pursuit of vengeance following the violent deaths of his family and comrades. James Reece (Chris Pratt) loses most members of his team during a disastrous mission. After Reece returns to the US, his wife and daughter are killed by masked assassins. Initially, Reece suspects his family was murdered by the Iranian chemical expert he was chasing. A part of him fears that he is the one who killed his wife and daughter because he has been experiencing hallucinations, memory issues, and paranoia since his return. However, he soon discovers that he is the target of a massive conspiracy, and Steve Horn (Jai Courtney), the head of Capstone Industries, is the mastermind behind it. If you are wondering whether Steve dies in ‘The Terminal List,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Steve Horn Die?

Yes, Steve Horn dies in the first season of ‘The Terminal List.’ Steve makes his first appearance in episode 3, titled ‘Consolidation.’ Steve started in the tech sector before expanding his business exponentially. Now, Capstone has an investment pool of $60 billion. They closely work with the Department of Defense, which has proven to be an incredibly profitable venture for Capstone. One of Capstone’s subsidiaries is Nubellum Pharmaceuticals, which has developed a drug called RD 4895. Ideally, RD 4895 is supposed to stop trauma from being encoded in the brain, effectively preventing PTSD. The drug worked on rats and dogs, but Steve rushed the human trial. RD 4895 was given to Reece’s team, and all of its members developed brain tumors.

Steve and several members of the Naval Command became aware of this and sent Reece’s team on the doomed mission. When Reece survived, Steve hired Mexican hitmen to kill the other man and his family and then make it look like the troubled SEAL did it. However, Reece survived again. Now aware of the conspiracy, he began searching for those responsible and killing them.

Steve seems to have developed a deep fascination for special forces. He regularly participates in training sessions with his security and has gotten Frogman tattoos even though he has never been a SEAL. Steve wants to sell Nubellum, and RD 4895 is set to play a massive part in it. if the news of its failure ever breaks out, Steve can potentially lose 15 to 20 billion dollars. When he learns that Mike Tedesco, the head of Nubellum, has spoken to journalist Katie Buranek (Constance Wu), he orders a hit on both of them. While Tedesco is killed, Katie survives and later reveals the truth about RD 4895 to Reece. Although she pleads to Reece to stop the violence, she knows that he will not stop until either he is dead or all people responsible for the deaths of his family and comrades are dead themselves.

In episode 5, titled ‘Disruption,’ Reece goes after Steve in broad daylight in San Francisco. With the help of Liz Riley, a pilot and former soldier, he acquires an explosively formed penetrator (EFP), a shaped charge that can penetrate armor. Katie confronts Steve accusing him of giving American soldiers brain tumors right before she recognizes Reece in the next car. She tries to get away but is knocked out due to the explosion. Steve, with half of his face burned off, tries to get away. When that doesn’t work, he pleads for his life. Unmoved, Reece puts two bullets in Steve’s head.

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