Does the Dog Die in Tin & Tina?

Netflix’s ‘Tin & Tina’ is a psychological thriller movie written and directed by Rubin Stein. The story follows Lola and Adolfo, a young couple who adopt two strange orphan twins from a local convent. However, a chain of disturbing events unfolds due to the twin’s religious beliefs. The family’s pet dog also becomes embroiled in these disturbing events, leading viewers to wonder if the dog in ‘Tin & Tina’ dies. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Kuki, the Dog, Dies in Tin & Tina

In ‘Tin & Tina,’ Adolfo (Jaime Lorente of ‘Money Heist‘) marries Lola (Milena Smit of ‘The Girl in the Mirror‘), and the couple is expecting twins. However, on their wedding day, Lola suffers a miscarriage, leading to the loss of her twins. Moreover, Lola learns that she can’t become a mother ever. As a result, Lola becomes depressed, which is evident in her pale and weak physical appearance. The story shifts a few months ahead in time, and we learn that Lola is barely holding her together under the grief of losing her children. While Adolfo works, Lola is at home alone, with only her pet dog, Kuki, keeping her company.

The film establishes that Kuki is the only source of affection and admiration in Lola’s life amidst her depression. Thus, Kuki is essential to providing emotional support to Lola, which is evident in the activities Lola and Kuki do together. Kuki is a German shepherd with a kind and gentle personality. However, when Kuki is introduced to Lola and Adolfo’s adopted children, Tin and Tina, he immediately takes a dislike towards them. In their first meeting, Kuki barks at Tin and Tina and scares them off.

Tin and Tina are orphans who grew up in a strict religious environment before Lola and Adolfo adopted them. As a result, their religious fanaticism causes issues for Lola and Adolfo. One day, Tin and Tina nearly suffocate Lola to death with a plastic bag as a part of their religion-themed game. After the game, Tin and Tina apologize to Lola while Kuki is present in the bedroom. While Lola speaks with the children, Kuki barks at them with increasing intensity and bites Lola’s hand before running away. The children take it as a sign of hostility and decide to cleanse Kuki’s soul.

The kids believe that the devil resides within Kuki, and they attempt to rectify the situation. In their misguided attempt to cleanse Kuki’s soul, the children violently and grotesquely butcher the dog. They sedate Kuki before cutting him open and sewing him up. However, the children are shocked to discover that Kuki is dead because of their actions. As a result, Kuki dies in the first instance of the horrifying lengths Tin and Tina’s perception of the Bible and religion can take them. Despite other more heinous situations the children cause in the film, Kuki’s death remains one of the most direct hints of malice within Tin and Tina.

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