Does Xavier Die? Is Spencer MacPherson Leaving School Spirits?

Paramount+’s teen seriesSchool Spirits’ revolves around Maddie Nears, who wakes up in the boiler room of Split River High School after her death. Maddie initially thinks that she was killed by her own boyfriend Xavier, who eventually proves that he is innocent. Xavier then joins hands with Simon, Nicole, and Claire to find out who really killed Maddie. In the eighth episode of the series, Xavier’s efforts to find the apparent murderer lead him to a life-threatening situation. Naturally, the viewers must be concerned about Xavier’s fate and Spencer MacPherson’s commitment to the show if it gets renewed for a second season. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Emergency Response: The Race to Save Xavier

When Xavier’s father Sheriff Baxter arrests Mr. South despite the latter’s alibi, he realizes that he should find the real killer to honor the memory of Maddie and free the wrongfully accused from the hostile people around him. He teams up with Nicole and Claire to search the abandoned house from where Maddie’s backpack was found. He looks for any material that can shed light on the identity of the anonymous person, who has been living at the place for a while. While Xavier and Nicole go through the rooms, the person enters the house. Claire sees the same and alerts her two companions about the intruder’s entry. The trio then chases the person, who is Janet in Maddie’s body, to capture her, only for the latter to get into Claire’s truck.

Xavier then tries to get into the truck from behind, only for Janet to drive the vehicle in reverse. The truck hits Xavier and he falls to the road, hitting his head. After Janet drives off, Nicole and Claire tend to Xavier. He sits up and notices the blood loss from his head, only to lose consciousness in no time. Nicole and Claire then call for an ambulance for him to get transported to a nearby hospital. The paramedics ask his father Baxter to ride with him, indicating the seriousness of the latter’s son’s injury. Does that mean Xavier dies in the series? Have we seen the last of Spencer Macpherson in the show even if the sophomore round gets greenlit? Let’s find out.

Spencer MacPherson is Likely to Continue His Role in School Spirits

As of now, Paramount+ has not yet released an official statement regarding the future of the series. Since Xavier doesn’t die in the first season of the show, Spencer MacPherson will likely be a part of the second season of the series if the streaming platform greenlights the same. The actor, however, had been vocal about the chances of the second season materializing. “[…] I definitely think it [the ending of the first season] leaves off in a position where it will leave the audience wanting more and I really, really hope that we get to do that,” MacPherson told J-14.

Considering MacPherson’s words, it is clear that the actor would love to be a part of the series’s second season. If the sophomore round of the show materializes, we may see Xavier surviving the injury because of the timely medical intervention. Since he doesn’t get hit severely, it will not be a surprise if he remains alive. He may rejoin Simon, Nicole, and Claire to find Janet, who is Maddie in their eyes. Xavier’s near-death experience can be a cliffhanger conceived to increase the season finale’s tension rather than an indication of MacPherson’s supposed departure from the supernatural series. In light of these factors, we believe that MacPherson will most likely feature in ‘School Spirits’ season 2 if the same gets greenlit by Paramount+.

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