Dom Taylor: Where is Five Star Chef Winner Now?

Netflix’s ‘Five Star Chef‘ is a British cooking series led by Michel Roux Jr, along with Mike Reid and Ravneet Gill. The show features some of the most talented chefs ready to battle it about and show why they are fit to be the next best name in the fine dining industry. The first season of the series not only focused on the flavor profiles presented by the participants but also took into account the unique concept that each of them championed. His proficiency in both these departments helped Dominic “Dom” Taylor take home the victory.

Dominic “Dom” Taylor’s Five Star Chef Journey

Thanks to his bold and homey Caribbean flavors, Dom secured himself a spot among the participating seven, though he was asked to pay attention to his plating. Keeping the feedback given to him by the three judges in mind, he gave it his all in the first challenge of Day 1 but fell short of the mark when creating a truly opulent dish. However, Dom secured a total profit of £253 (around $330) during the elimination challenge, ensuring he remained in the competition.

For Day 2, the participants had to work in two groups of three, and Dom was partnered with Lara Norman and Raquel Fleetwood. Though he tried his best to fulfill his leadership duties, the group’s cohesiveness and communication seemed to fall apart, leading to their loss. While Dom wowed the judges during the second elimination round with his signature breakfast tray, he was eager to show judges more of what he could do.

For the next two rounds, Dom started to dominate the competition and earned praise on all accounts with his mouth-watering flavors and pleasing culinary designs. As such, his position as a finalist did not shock many. For the last stretch, he and finalists Adria Wu and Jordan Brady had to act as head chef for a day and feed the guests at the Langham Hotel in London, England. Thanks to his proficiency with flavors and the uniqueness of his concept, Dom was declared the next head chef of the Palm Court restaurant at the Langham Hotel.

Dominic “Dom” Taylor is Still Thriving in the Culinary Industry

As of writing, Dom continues to work within the culinary industry. Before he participated in the British reality show, he used to work as a Private Chef and has always been eager to spread the Caribbean flavors as far and wide as possible. Now apparently working as the head chef of Palm Court, the culinary expert has been more than happy to talk about his victory. Dom also thanked the three judges for their support, especially Mike Reid, who was visibly one of his biggest supporters in the competition.

Presently, Dom is thriving and seems content with the recent changes in his life. Whenever possible, he likes to spend time with his loved ones, including his mother and goddaughters. The former even came to the last round of the show to see Dom in action and was as ecstatic as him when her son was declared the winner. Additionally, he is an ambassador for Be Inclusive Hospitality. We hope Dom continues to climb the ladder of success and fulfills all his dreams and aspirations.

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