Adria Wu: Where is Five Star Chef Finalist Now?

Featuring Michel Roux Jr, Mike Reid, and Ravneet Gill, Netflix’s ‘Five Star Chef‘ is a British cooking show where the three judges embark on a journey to find the next head chef of Palm Court restaurant at the Langham Hotel in London, England. While each participant in this particular show shone brightly thanks to their skills, few created an impression as stellar as Adria Wu, one of season 1’s finalists whose love for plants helped her become famous in her own right.

Adria Wu’s Five Star Chef Journey

After making a place for herself among the seven main competitors of the show, Adria was excited to showcase her skills, all the while keeping vegetarian options as her primary focus. Unfortunately, her dish during the first round of the main competition did not hit the mark with the judges, and she had to take part in the elimination challenge. Playing to her strengths, she created a dish that was not only budget-friendly but left the diners wanting more. With a profit of £279 (about $365), she came out on top and ensured that no one would take her lightly.

Up next was the team challenge, where Adria was partnered with Jordan Brady and Igor Sapega. Taking the leadership role, she helped her team navigate the challenge and created dishes that earned much praise from the three judges. The team’s victory also ensured that the three cooks would not have to participate in the upcoming elimination challenge. As the competition went on, Adria continued to perform fantastically, though there were some instances when judges had to critique her work.

After blazing through the competition, it was time for Adria to showcase just how ready she was to handle a five-star kitchen. She and her fellow finalists, Dominic “Dom” Taylor and Jordan, were given a day each to act as the head chef of Palm Court, through which their skills could be tested. Unfortunately, Adria’s command of her kitchen did not impress the judges even though they did like the dishes she presented. Even though she did not win the show, she certainly seemed thankful for everything she achieved during the process.

Adria Wu is Focusing on Her Culinary Venture

As of writing, Adria is the proud Founder of Maple & Co., a company established in 2015 that strives to break the myth that “healthy food” cannot be delicious. The former engineer left the tech field behind to learn from institutes like Le Cordon Bleu and the College of Naturopathic Medicine to combine her passion for health and food into a singular venture. Her business is undoubtedly thriving, and the television star is also affiliated with Sunday Brunch.

Though she expressed her appreciation towards the experience that she had during ‘Five Star Chef,’ Adria admitted to missing everything from her home, family, and business. In other words, she does not seem to be in a hurry to be a part of another reality show just yet. Presently, she is happily married to her husband, Hussein Sunderji, and is a mother to Isla and Kai Sunderji. We wish Adria and her loved ones the best in their lives and hope that the culinary expert continues to gain success.

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