Easy-Bake Battle Season 1: Where Are The Winners Now?

Hosted by Antoni Porowski, Netflix’s ‘Easy-Bake Battle: The Home Cooking Competition,’ AKA ‘Easy-Bake Battle,’ is a baking show that celebrates home cooks across the country. Each episode of the series welcomes three competitors who must use every tip and trick in their arsenal to make delicious food with minimal ingredients and complexity. The winner gets the title of Easy-Bake Champion and is awarded $25,000. They also have the opportunity to come back and defend their title in future episodes and earn up to $100,000.

The recently released first season of the cooking show introduced the audience to several talented home cooks. However, out of all the participants, only 5 were able to obtain the title of Easy-Bake Champion throughout season 1. Naturally, fans of the show are curious to know what the celebrated cooks are up to these days. If you are in the same boat, here is everything we know about the same!

Where is Haley Herridge Now?

Starting off with the first-ever person to hold the title of Easy-Bake Champion, we have Haley Herridge. Presently, Haley is a Stay-at-Home mother and happily married to Jake Herridge. The couple’s eldest daughter, Piper Herridge, celebrated her second birthday in May of 2022. Fans of the show might be aware that Haley was pregnant with twins during the production of the Netflix series, and we are happy to inform you that the home cook gave birth to two adorable boys on March 17, 2022.

The Herridge couple named their sons Knox Herridge and Jett Herridge and could not be more delighted by the latest additions to their family. As of writing, Haley lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and her passion for cooking has certainly not diminished. Through social media, Haley likes to share food-related content with her fans. Ehr impressive number of followers has also allowed her to successfully promote different businesses and brands through social media.

Where is Giselle Bonetti Now?

Giselle Bonetti is the only person in ‘Easy-Bake Battle’ season 1 who was able to retain her championship title for three episodes in a row and take home $75,000. Presently, she works as a Luxury Real Estate and also operates the Sports and Entertainment division of Coldwell Banker’s Global Luxury in South Florida. Giselle also serves as the Founder of BLU Concierge, a private company that mainly works with high-end clients.

As far as Giselle’s passion for cooking is concerned, the reality TV star seems to have done well for herself. She has a separate page dedicated to her cooking and similar ventures and also has a YouTube channel. Apparently, Giselle is also working on a cookbook which will hopefully be publically available in the near future. She is happily married to Jorge Muvdi, and the love between the two is certainly visible for all to see. They have two sons; their eldest son, Bryce Muvdi, turned 18 in August 2022, while Jayce Muvdi will be turning 14 in November 2022, much to the happiness of his loved ones.

Where is Eman Neamat Now?

Kurdish home cook Eman Neamat presently works as a Recipe Developer and Content Creator. Her social media following on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube is nothing short of impressive. Eman often shares her recipes with her followers through her content and even allows access to some of her own recipes in written form. In her personal life, Eman is happily married and is a mother of two sons and a daughter. According to the Netflix show star, Eman’s family members were the biggest advocates behind her appearance on the show. Throughout the process, they never failed to cheer her on, and she could not be happier about the love and support she receives from them on a constant basis.

Where is AJ Now?

As of writing, AJ is working as a Server though he hopes to further himself in the culinary industry and impress others with his cooking skills. The cook has five siblings with whom he shares many fond memories. However, AJ’s passion for cooking can be attributed to his father, who helped AJ learn more about what to do in the kitchen from the tender age of five. When AJ was young, his father had to stay away from home for long stretches of time due to work. Hence, cooking with his kids was a way for him to connect with them. While AJ’s other siblings did not share the same passion for cooking as their father, AJ seems to have followed in his footsteps and hopes to take it to the next level.

Where is Stephanie Now?

Last but definitely not least, we have Stephanie, the winner of the fourth episode of ‘Easy-Bake Battle’ season 1. Presently, Stephanie works as a Critical Care Nurse, and her job is far from easy. During her working hours, Stephanie has to take care of patients who are precariously ill and need proper and efficient care. As for her love for cooking, Stephanie has confessed that she prepares food multiple times a day and has many tips and tricks up her sleeves.

Given her Nigerian ancestry, Stephanie has always tried her level best to honor her roots and tries to incorporate Nigerian culture into her food and lifestyle whenever possible. As of writing, she is a wonderful mother to three beautiful girls whom she adores a lot. Her eldest daughter is Grace, who is an excellent swimmer and apparently loves Thanksgiving. For Stephanie, her journey on the Netflix show is meant to be an inspiration for her girls so that they can see that no dream is impossible if one puts their heart into it.

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