Joaquin Phoenix’s Ari Aster Movie Eddington Starts Filming in Albuquerque and Truth or Consequences in March

The principal photography of Ari Aster’s Joaquin Phoenix-starrer film ‘Eddington’ is set to commence in Albuquerque and Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, in March. The modern Western, which unfolds during the pandemic, is characterized as a noir dark comedy ensemble set in a fictional copper mining town in New Mexico. The movie revolves around Lindsay and Marc, who run out of gas just outside the rural town of Eddington, New Mexico, on their way to Los Angeles. The couple gets warmly welcomed by the townsfolk upon their inadvertent arrival. However, as the night falls, their ideal vision of the quaint town soon turns into a nightmare.

‘Eddington’ is not the first time Aster and Phoenix are teaming up together. The Academy Award-winning actor previously starred as the title character Beau Wassermann in the filmmaker’s latest film ‘Beau Is Afraid,’ released in April 2023. The surrealist tragicomedy horror film revolves around Beau, a mild-mannered individual consumed by paranoia, embarking on a surreal odyssey to reach home for his mother’s funeral. Throughout the journey, Beau confronts his deepest fears. After making his feature film debut as a director with the critically acclaimed ‘Hereditary,’ Aster was established as a master in the contemporary horror scene with the 2019 movie ‘Midsommar.’

Phoenix most recently starred in Ridley Scott’s epic period drama ‘Napoleon‘ as the titular French emperor. The film centers on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, with a primary focus on the French leader’s ascension to power and his intricate relationship with his wife Joséphine. The actor’s ‘Joker: Folie à Deux,’ a much-awaited sequel to his Oscar-winning psychological thriller ‘Joker,’ is scheduled to be released on October 4, 2024. Phoenix is a part of the cast of Todd Haynes’ upcoming gay drama and Lynne Ramsay’s horror thriller ‘Polaris.’ In addition to ‘Polaris,’ the actor is set to reunite with his wife Rooney Mara for Pawel Pawlikowski’s thriller drama ‘The Island.’

Albuquerque, renowned as the principal location of ‘Breaking Bad,’ is a prominent filming destination in New Mexico. In recent times, the city hosted the production of projects such as ‘Obliterated‘ and ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.’ Meanwhile, Truth or Consequences is featured in films such as ‘The Space Between Us.’

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