Elite Season 6 Ending, Explained: Does Iván Die? Who Runs Over Him?

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The sixth season of Netflix’s teen show ‘Elite’ depicts the aftermath of Samuel “Samu” García’s death. Ariadna “Ari” Blanco deals with the loss of her boyfriend and seeks solace in alcohol. Patrick Blanco and Iván Carvalho’s togetherness gets challenged by a personal tragedy that shatters the latter. Las Encinas welcomes Sara, a social-media influencer and half of the famed couple “Saraul.” Isadora Artiñán struggles with the trauma of getting raped by three schoolmates and seeks justice, only to get disappointed.

Following the structure of the first five seasons of the Spanish series, the sixth season’s narrative also revolves around a startling mystery. Intrigued by the same, we have taken a magnified look at the season’s ending, which is filled with astounding revelations. If you are interested in the same, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Elite Season 6 Recap

The sixth season of ‘Elite’ begins with a car running over Iván, who is left behind on the road. After Samu’s death, his friends leave Las Encinas. Isadora’s parents open a new pub named “The Isadora House,” run by her. Patrick and Iván’s relationship gets troubled when Cruz kisses the former. When the same gets viral, Patrick uploads a video in which he says that he initiated the kiss to make amends with Iván and to save the reputation of the football player. Patrick’s lie motivates Cruz to come out as gay. After his coming out, his fans start to target him, forcing the referee to abandon a football match he plays.

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A distressed Cruz confronts a group of random men, who beats him to death for being gay. Iván starts to believe that Patrick paved the way for his father’s coming out, which resulted in the footballer’s death. He breaks up with Patrick because of the same. Due to a lack of evidence, the rape charges against Hugo, Javier, and Álex get dropped. Javier’s childhood friend Dídac tries to unravel the truth behind the same by recording his friend’s confession to raping Isadora with Hugo and Álex. Although Isadora’s lawyers dismiss the confession as inadmissible evidence, she succeeds in bringing the truth regarding her suffering to the world.

Hugo and Álex, to distract Isadora and her friends, uses Javier and create a narrative that Iván raped her as well. Although Isadora initially believes the same partially, Dídac forces his friend to explain the truth to Isadora, which leads her to reconnect with Iván. Sara struggles with her abusive and controlling boyfriend Raúl. Mencía Blanco helps her realize how abusive Raúl is and gives her the courage to break up with her partner. Sara kisses Mencía while partying but the latter soon realizes that the former isn’t into girls. Mencía asks Sara not to force affection and encourages her to be honest with herself.

Ari is attracted to Nico but her prejudices affect their togetherness when she comes to know that the latter is a trans man. Nico dates Sonia to forget Ari but he eventually returns to her. Ari realizes that she is sabotaging her companionship with Nico with her fear of hurting him like she hurt Samu. Rocío has a crush on Bilal, who hooks up with Ari. Still, Rocío tries to get together with him whenever she meets him at The Isadora House, where he works. When she forgets her bag at the pub, Bilal takes the same to her house and they end up making out.

Benjamín Blanco asks Ari to testify for him and convince Patrick and Mencía to do the same. He even gifts them three cars to change their minds. Ari eventually manages to convince both her siblings with an objective on her mind.

Elite Season 6 Ending: Does Iván Die? Who Runs Over Him?

During a Venetian carnival night at Isadora’s pub, Ari comes to know that she is pregnant with Iván’s baby. In shock, she drives off from the pub without speaking to her siblings or friends. Mencía, who is drugged by Raúl, goes after her sister although she is nearly unconscious. When she wakes up, she notices that the front glass of the car is partially shattered. Ari calls her and lets her know that Iván was run over by an unknown car, only for Mencía to believe that she is the one who ran over her brother’s boyfriend. However, Sara is the one who really runs over Iván.

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When Mencía comes out of the pub without even being able to stand up straight, Sara encounters her and realizes that her friend is not well. Mencía tells Sara that Ari is not well and Sara gets the key to Patrick’s car from the former. Sara drives and Mencía sits beside her in the car, unwell. When Sara tries to check in on Mencía, she loses control of the car, and the same hits Iván. Startled, she reaches out to Raúl, who cleans the car to erase Sara’s fingerprints and drags Mencía to the driver’s seat. Raúl convinces Sara that they are doing the right thing since Mencía is from an influential and wealthy family to deal with the complications of the same, unlike Sara.

Sara is someone who survives as a social media influencer. In case Iván dies, the last thing she wants is for the world to know that she caused the death of someone. She fears that the truth will pave the way for an enormous loss of followers, which will affect her survival. In addition, Sara also wants to avoid the legal battle against Iván, who has the wealth and influence to destroy her life, if he survives the accident. She believes that Iván will not forgive her but will forgive Mencía since the latter is his boyfriend’s sister, which makes her agree to Raúl’s plan.

Although Iván’s friends and acquaintances fear the worst, he doesn’t die. Patrick manages to bring him to a hospital within the window of hope. The doctors perform surgery and save Iván from immediate death. Although they don’t assure Patrick, Ari, and Mencía that Iván will ultimately survive, the chances of him dying are extremely low. Towards the end, Iván gains consciousness and asks for Patrick, which can be seen as a positive indication that makes it clear that he will most likely stay away from death.

Who is the Shooter? Does Anyone Die?

During the Venetian carnival night at Isadora’s pub, Hugo and Álex set out to rape a girl they meet on the dance floor. After unknowingly injecting a drug Isadora has placed in his bag, Hugo fails to get an erection and thinks that forcing himself on someone will give him the excitement to get the same. Javier, who deduces his two friends’ scheme, informs about the same to Isadora, who calls the police. Javier also seemingly confesses to raping Isadora with Hugo and Álex to the police. After the arrest of her rapists, Isadora meets Dídac to clear the air between them.

Meanwhile, a car drives into the premises of Las Encinas and an unrevealed person shoots a gun several times. Considering that the shooter fires the gun when Isadora is at the premises, the person can be someone related to Hugo and Álex, exacting vengeance on behalf of the two rapists. The person can be a relative or someone hired by the relatives of the two boys, likely trying to kill Isadora for destroying the lives of Hugo and Álex. Since the boys are studying at a school where only students from the most influential families in Spain are admitted, Hugo and Álex most likely come from such influential families.

If that’s the case, Hugo and Álex’s arrests must have tarnished the reputation of the families, which may have motivated them to exact their vengeance on Isadora, the cause of their troubles. If the shooter fires at Isadora, Dídac must have tried to protect her by shielding her with himself, which may have killed him. Isadora must have gotten shot at as well.

Why Do Ari, Mencía, and Patrick Leave Madrid?

When Mencía tells Ari that she ran over Iván, Ari considers it as the final nail in the coffin of their tragic lives in Madrid. Benjamín and his children arrive in Madrid looking for a fresh start to their lives. But the move paves the way for Ari’s near-death experience and unwanted pregnancy, Mencía getting assaulted by Armando de la Ossa, Samu’s death, and Mencía believing that she nearly killed her brother’s partner. As far as Ari is concerned, she realizes that they need to run away to a place where they will not be forced to deal with the traumas of the past.

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After aborting Iván’s baby, Ari must have realized that she cannot continue living within his presence. Ari blows his chance with Nico and the last thing she wants is for her sister Mencía to get arrested for murder in case Iván dies. She knows that her sister isn’t tough enough to hide that she ran over Iván, as per Mencía’s belief, which can result in her imprisonment. All Ari has left in the world is her sister and brother and she isn’t ready to give up both of them. She also doesn’t want Patrick to get hurt repeatedly in case Iván manages to stay alive. Thus, she makes her family leave the city where she and her siblings suffered a lot.

However, Ari, Mencía, and Patrick may not be able to leave Madrid for good. Since Iván regains consciousness and starts to ask for Patrick, it is clear that he will try to reconnect with his partner. If Patrick comes to know that Iván is alive and well, he may rush back to Madrid to be with the latter. Ari and Mencía may not want to separate from their brother as well.

Do Isadora and Dídac End Up Together?

Ever since meeting Dídac, Isadora longs to form a connection with him. But the fact that he is her rapist Javier’s close friend stops her from committing to Dídac. She cannot tolerate that her partner is in some way still a part of her rapist’s life. In addition, the trauma of getting raped stops her from trusting anyone, including Dídac. Thus, she initially stays away from considering a relationship with him. But Javier’s confession to the police and his assurance that Dídac can be trusted without a shadow of a doubt gives Isadora enough courage to mend their connection.

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Isadora still isn’t ready yet to completely trust a man, even if it is Dídac. But she expresses to him that she is changing by kissing him. If they aren’t shot dead by the unrevealed shooter, Isadora and Dídac are expected to be together. Dídac most likely will help Isadora to trust him slowly. She may soon start sharing intimacy with him without her past haunting her. Dídac is patient enough to give Isadora all the time she wants and needs to adapt to her new reality and compassionate enough to help her deal with the ghosts of the past. Considering that they haven’t been loved by their family, Isadora and Dídac may find love and a home in each other.

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