Ernest Bartholomew: The Queer Eye Hero is Now Happily Married

As a reboot of the 2000s eponymous Bravo series, Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye‘ truly lives up to its reputation in every way conceivable with the sheer compassion it maintains at every step of the way. After all, it revolves around five experts as they help people from all walks of life improve their private space and individual behaviors to such an extent they can finally be content in their standings. Amongst these latter brave heroes in season 8 is actually Ernest Bartholomew — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him as well as his current status, we’ve got the details for you.

Ernest Bartholomew’s Queer Eye Journey

If there’s only one way we can ever describe Ernest, it would have to be positively strange considering the blend of his loud and proud essence with his extreme preference for comfort over all else. We say extreme because this 68-year-old at the time of filming basically lived in loose t-shirts, scrubs, zip-tied oversized pants, and suspenders while eating wild game alone in his garage/man cave. This was a significant issue because he had a loving wife named Miranda, yet they were growing apart day by day owing to their increasingly diverting interests and thus lack of quality time together.

The truth is Ernest grew up deep in the Louisiana Bayou as a proud Creole, but he eventually married the city girl and settled down in the urban area to provide his family with the best opportunities. He admittedly didn’t want to tie the knot with “anybody down from the country because it’s a close relationship, might be my cousin,” but the reason he actually chose Miranda as his partner was love. They’d first come across one another while working at the same Sears store — he priced tools in the back while she served in the candy department — and their romance developed from there.

However, following nearly 39 years of matrimony plus two grown daughters, Ernest and Miranda found themselves having very little in common, driving them to live separately in the same home. While he tinkered with his car or watched sports in his mancave, she pursued her passion for home cooking, tended to her garden, or raised Monarch butterflies, so they’d have no conversation too. “[She] don’t like to do the things I like to do,” the former said at one point. “Go in the boat and fishin,’ you know. She said, ‘They don’t have no bathro om. I say, ‘Well, we got a bucket.'”

Though on the flip side, Ernest also conceded he doesn’t really make an effort either because while his wife enjoys trying out new cuisines, he’d much rather cook nutria, muskrat, or raccoon at home. Nevertheless, the fact of the matter remained they wanted to make their marriage work; they just didn’t know how to meet halfway, and that’s when the Fab Five came in thanks to their daughter Ariel. They helped him understand that despite it being great that he did every chore she asked, it wasn’t enough because her love language was different and that he needed to make an effort for himself too.

Thankfully, Ernest was willing to open up his mind as well as heart to change, and it did wonders by the end because his wife was on the same page — they were ready to work for their future together. His communication was admittedly lacking, but she gradually enabled him to be better by putting herself out there and expressing her own emotions, resulting in them growing closer than ever before. The couple hence ended their week not only celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary but also looking forward to their ensuing years of living hand in hand, all the while finding shared desires.

Where is Ernest Bartholomew Now?

It’s sadly unclear precisely what this St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana-based duo is up to these days following 40+ years of union as they prefer to remain well away from the limelight, but their experience over the years does indicate peace for them at the moment. Ernest and Miranda honestly never wanted to take away from one another individuality; they just wanted to be happily married again, and it appears as if they’ve since reached plus maintained this common ground. The fact their love languages almost match to a tee — with the Creole native’s being quality time with physical touch and this social worker’s being quality time, physical touch, as well as words of affirmation — is a massive point too.

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