Tim Keel: The Queer Eye Hero is Trying to Move On Now

If there’s one thing nobody can deny, it’s that Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye‘ is the epitome of makeover reality productions owing to the careful way it chronicles human vulnerability at every step of the way. After all, it revolves around five experts known together as the “Fab Five” as they guide individuals (aka “Heroes”) down a path of much-needed self-improvement to help them lead their best lives. Amongst them in season 8 was actually the incredibly intriguing Tim Keel — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him as well as his current standing, we’ve got the essential details for you.

Tim Keel’s Queer Eye Journey

It was back around 1986 when Tim’s whole world turned upside down as the then-21-year-old evolved from a mere youngster to the sole caretaker of his 7-years older brother Tommy “Doody” Keel. The latter had actually been in a terrible car accident that left him in a coma for three months and then it was formally ascertained he was paralyzed with severe brain damage, so his sibling stepped up. It was obviously a difficult adjustment since the former was also seemingly just settling down alongside his high school sweetheart Kim, but helping out was a no-brainer considering their closeness.

However, despite the fact Tim and Kim subsequently welcomed two beautiful daughters into this world plus had great times as a couple as well as a family, things crumbled apart over two decades later. The stress of caring for Doody, combined with the former’s growing lack of self-care, ultimately led his wife to file for divorce, yet they actually remain good friends even today thanks to their kids and maturity. Nevertheless, the loss of his overall familial unit did take a massive toll on this admitted KISS superfan’s mental health, which sadly only grew worse once he was let go from his job as a welder near early 2021.

Tim was hence nominated for this original by his elder daughter Melody in the hopes he could regain some of his confidence while also realizing he was much more than what initially meets the eye. Yes, he’s a caregiver, a divorcee, an extreme KISS memorabilia collector, and an animal lover — with a pet tortoise, a pigeon, 15 reptiles, plus a bunch of fish — but he’s also a man worthy of love, care, and affection. That’s when the Fab Five came into the picture to gradually show him through clothes, food, grooming, home renovation, as well as steady self-reflection that growth happens outside of a comfort zone.

Therefore, by the time Tim’s makeover week ended, he was able to recognize he’d indeed achieved a lot in his personal life and deserved more than what he initially thought — he’d started healing. “I deserve to be happy,” he asserted over a meal with his family, including Kim, while holding back tears. “Um, I deserve the love of others… – that’s a hard one. I deserve some time for myself. I gotta start carving that out. That’s really gonna help my mind; get me out of [depression]… I want to start trying to have a life outside of my house, I think I deserve to keep trying to get out and meet some folks.”

“Last but not least,” Tim suddenly quipped, “I deserve to rock out with my c*** out. You know what I’m saying?” On a more serious note, the fact his home now clearly showcased his core passions while still giving him more than enough space for further development plus his other interests — like entertaining — was a significant positive for him too. Though the two things he arguably loved the most were the way the Fab Five ensured to accommodate his brother Doody and even managed to get some of his memorabilia in a local art gallery on Magazine Street for a special pop-up KISS showcase.

Where is Tim Keel Now?

Unfortunately, six months after production for Tim’s episode came to a close, his elder brother as well as life’s sole constant Doody unexpectedly passed away — it was January 19, 2023. Hence, of course, he’s been grieving, yet we’re glad to report it appears as if he hasn’t let this painful loss completely take over his daily experiences; instead, it appears as if he’s using it as motivation to continue doing better. After all, his brother definitely would’ve wanted him to move on and lead a more positive, social, wholesome life, so that’s the path he’s following at the moment, with his ex-wife plus their two daughters still being an integral part of his support system.

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