Will Eugene and Stephanie End Up Together in The Walking Dead? Theories

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The tenth season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead’ witnesses Eugene befriending Stephanie from the Commonwealth. With the help of Stephanie, Eugene leads a group to a flourishing community. He strikes a connection with Stephanie and the two of them start to cherish an admirable togetherness as Eugene slowly settles in the community. However, the eleventh episode of season 11 depicts Eugene encountering an astounding revelation about Stephanie that threatens the very foundation of his relationship with the latter. Naturally, the fans of the characters must be worried about their relationship and fates. Well, here are our thoughts about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Eugene and Stephanie End Up Together?

Upon settling in the Commonwealth, Eugene grows closer with Stephanie. He even makes a duplicate key to his place to give it to her. To an amazed Stephanie, Eugene expresses his love for her. Stephanie also let Eugene know about her feelings for him, leading him to ask her out for an ice cream date. Stephanie fails to show up and Eugene eventually realizes that she disappeared without letting anyone know. He suspects a mysterious group in the community as the people behind Stephanie’s disappearance, only to get proved wrong.

Eugene’s efforts to find Stephanie succeed but in the worst possible way. He encounters Stephanie with Lance and realizes that she is an undercover agent, originally named Shira, working for Lance to gain information about other survivor communities. Stephanie fakes her love for Eugene and starts to spend time with him to collect as much information regarding communities like Alexandria for Lance’s ambiguous causes. The undercover agent makes it clear that she never loved Eugene by physically handling him while Eugene arrives at her group’s base in search of her. The truth hurts Eugene severely as he burns everything he possesses associated with Stephanie, including his own novel which she liked.

In the eleventh episode of season 11, Eugene and Stephanie’s relationship comes to an end. Considering the gravity of her betrayal, it is unlikely that Eugene will reconsider his feelings for her. Along with the memorabilia, Eugene also burns the love he once nurtured for her upon realizing that the very existence of that love was an unignorable lie. As Princess said to him, Eugene may need to accept the fact that Stephanie has walked away from his life upon revealing her true and appalling identity to him.

Stephanie, on the other hand, may end any association with Eugene after Lance’s confession. As Lance’s spy, she has fulfilled an important assignment and she may conclude the whole affair without any reconsiderations. Since Lance is preparing to escalate his significance and authority in the Commonwealth, especially with the help of Carol, Stephanie is expected to be committed to his causes rather than reconsidering Eugene and the fake relationship she had with him. Since her presence in the Commonwealth may jeopardize her group’s activities, we can even expect Stephanie to move away from the community for a while.

Considering these possibilities, it is unlikely that Eugene and Stephanie will end up together. Max’s revelation to Eugene that she is the real Stephanie who contacted him over the radio may lead him to perceive Max’s involvement in the affair, paving the way for their reconciliation as friends. If that’s the case, Eugene may consider Max as a potential partner than the spy who betrayed him.

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