Everything Now: Do Will and Theo End Up Together?

Netflix’s ‘Everything Now,’ a comedy-drama show, explores Mia Polanco’s introduction to teenagehood while she simultaneously battles her severe anorexia. The show primarily focuses on Mia’s journey as she comes up with a bucket list of things to do in order to catch up with her peers after her months-long stay at a rehab clinic. Still, the narrative also delves into the lives of those around Mia, especially her close-knit friend group, Cam, Becca, and Will.

Will is generally known for interfering in his friends’ love lives, handing out advice, solicited and otherwise. Yet, the boy also faces his own romantic troubles, and his tumultuous discovery of his sexuality somehow leads him to Theo. Nonetheless, as with everything else in life, the couple’s tentative relationship remains rocky. Therefore, if you’re curious to see how Will and Theo’s relationship unfolds, here is everything you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Course of Will and Theo’s Relationship

Will, a flamboyant boy who sports a new hair color every week, occupies an entertaining role within the narrative due to his intrinsic showmanship and inclination to humor. From his introduction to the plot, Will remains vocal about his sexual exploits, particularly with his much older manager at the store, whom he dubs “The Cheese Guy.” However, that story soon discredits itself after Mia discovers inadvertently that Gareth, The Cheese Guy, isn’t actually involved with Will, sexually or otherwise.

Although Mia realizes Will has been lying about losing his virginity and everything else thereafter, she lets the secret rest. Meanwhile, Gareth, who has reason to suspect Will is attracted to him now, tries to come onto the boy during his shift. Nevertheless, Will only panics in return and flees from the scene, clearly uninterested in bringing any of the fabricated sexual stories with Gareth to life.

Turns out Will isn’t actually interested in sex. Even though Will knows he’s attracted to boys, he’s not thrilled at the idea of having sex with one. Consequently, Will feels alienated by his peers, who have all started showcasing enthusiastic interest in sex. Therefore, to fit in with the others, Will lies about him and “The Cheese Guy” so that he can claim to have lost his virginity without actually doing it.

Nevertheless, after one too many bad drunken decisions at a wild party, Mia reveals Will’s secret to everyone and taunts him about being a virgin since she feels insecure about her own lack of experience. Thus, Will finds himself hiding from the party in a bathroom. Eventually, Theo finds Will sulking in a bathtub and tries to comfort the other boy. Although the two have scarcely interacted before, and Will believes Theo is only being nice out of pity, the latter stays and tries to talk to Will.

As a result, Will, still a little drunk and immensely upset, discloses that he’s never been attracted to Gareth or anyone else in that way. His lack of attraction makes him feel like a freak since he believes he’s supposed to want meaningless sex. In response, Theo proposes that perhaps Will needs a connection before he can find someone sexually attractive. The night ends with a long conversation and a cramped sleep inside the bathtub.

Since the interaction leaves an impression on both boys, Will pursues Theo, and the two end up kissing, tentatively entering a relationship. Theo continues to be smitten by Will and plans to take him out on proper dates. However, after the former gifts his boyfriend a gay romance book, citing it reminds him of Will, the other boy freaks out. Will believes there are certain steps in a relationship and that if they continue dating, Theo will end up craving the step that Will doesn’t want to take.

Despite their connection and Will’s feelings for Theo, Will still doesn’t wish to have sex with his boyfriend. As a result, once things start to get serious between them, Will tries to downplay their relationship, telling his friends it’s nothing that significant. However, Theo overhears the conversation, leading to a critical fallout between the pair.

Nonetheless, by the show’s end, Will and Theo find their way back to each other. Mia’s relapse brings up heavy emotions for Will, who feels awful for being ignorant of his friend’s troubles. At that moment, Theo comforts the boy, and they have a conversation about Will’s constant negligence of his own negative emotions.

Consequently, Will apologizes, admitting that he ruined their relationship because he was scared of his feelings for Theo. Open communication suits the couple and will likely continue to help them advance their relationship in the future. Although the couple doesn’t seal their reunion with a kiss, their emotional embrace holds much more meaning, given Will’s aversion to physical intimacy.

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