Evin Ahmad: ‘Who is Erin Carter’ Star is Engaged to Actor Ardalan Esmaili

Created by Jack Lothian, ‘Who is Erin Carter?’ is a thrilling female-led show that follows the story of Erin Collantes, a British teacher living in Spain. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself in the middle of a supermarket heist. The intense character of Erin is brought to life by Evin Ahmad, a talented actress who has carved a niche for herself in the industry with her exceptional skills.

The multi-faceted personality possesses a captivating mix of talent, charisma, and diversity, which has led her to leave an indelible mark on the world of cinema. From her early life to her professional career, her journey is one worth exploring, and that’s why we dug around and unearthed the facets that make Evin the captivating person she is today!

Evin Ahmad’s Mixed Ethnicity and Background

Hailing from the picturesque city of Stockholm, Sweden, Evin Ahmad was born on December 3, 1990, and has a rich tapestry of multicultural heritage that has helped her define her roots and get a unique perspective on life. At the age of 33, she stands as a testament to the power of embracing one’s cultural heritage and creating a name in the world of entertainment. She can speak several languages, including Swedish, Arabic, Kurdish, Spanish, and English.

Her father, Adel Ahmad, is an accomplished actor from Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, and her mother, Narin Hamada, hails from Afrin, Syria. This blend of Kurdish and Arabian threads, along with growing in the culturally diverse backdrop of Sweden, has given her a unique sense of perspective. She has two siblings, a brother named Aran Ahmad and a sister whose name she hasn’t revealed. When her family used to visit Syria during the summers, she used to get mad at her parents for not taking her to places where the kids from her school went.

At night, Evin used to steal her mom’s phone to call her friends and tell them that she missed them because she was afraid that they would forget about her. The call would only last one minute because calling Europe was so expensive at that time. Evin attended a private secondary school in Stockholm, which embarked her on a path of intellectual growth. But it was at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts where she laid the groundwork for her transformation into a versatile, talented actress.

While talking to the people at HeyUGuys, Evin recalled the time she fell in love with the craft, saying, “I didn’t know that you could become an actress. I didn’t know that it was an actual job. I was actually 14 or 15 when my teacher told me that they are making this movie and I think you will be perfect for that role.” She further added, “When we started to do the audition, I just felt like the time went so quickly, and she was like, we are done, and I was like, no, we can do more stuff. So I guess that is when I fell in love with the art form.”

Evin Ahmad’s Professional Journey

Evin’s rise to prominence in the world of cinema has been nothing short of meteoric. She made her debut in 2007 with the film ‘Till Slut’, in which she gave a brilliant performance and hinted at the greatness that lay ahead of her. The role that truly thrust her into the spotlight was of Leya in ‘Snabba Cash,’ a Swedish Netflix series. Initially, she didn’t think that people would be interested in a Swedish show, but the response the show got was amazing. “Making the remake was quite frightening because I didn’t really know how it was going to land, but luckily, it landed pretty well,” she said in an interview with OnePress TV.

Evin’s performance on the show helped her get American agents and even led her to receive a Shooting Star honor at the Berlin Film Festival. Her portrayal resonated with the audience and showcased her ability to carry complex characters and narratives. With subsequent roles in ‘Quicksand,’ ‘The Rain’, ‘112 Aina’, and ‘Den of Thieves 2’, the career trajectory of the Kurdish actress born and raised in Sweden continues to roar. In an interview with Rudaw, Evin talked about her roles reflecting her Swedish heritage, saying, “When I am given a role to play, I shouldn’t be viewed differently. I should be viewed as a Swede.”

Evin is very careful about choosing her roles. “When I see the script of a movie, for example, titled ‘Honor K-lling,’ I see it as degrading to Kurdish women, and I refuse to play in such movies,” she said. “We must not accept all roles. The image they have created in their minds about us must be changed,” she insisted. Evin is also not afraid to stand for what she believes in. She mentioned the time she heard that police were searching for asylum seekers to deport them. She said, “When I heard this, I immediately went to a metro station to fight for the asylum seekers.”

From Co-stars to Fiancés: Evin Ahmad’s Love Story

Even though her professional journey has been well-documented, Evin Ahmad’s personal life, particularly matters related to her heart, has always remained somewhat of a mystery. However, her fans would be delighted to know that the talented personality has been in a relationship with actor Ardalan Esmaili for over eight years now. Not just that, the two have also taken the next step in their commitment to each other and got engaged sometime in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though Evin and Ardalan don’t really put their love on display by sharing adorable pictures of the two on their respective social media profiles, they certainly appear at events to celebrate their love. Over the years, the couple has made a few appearances together on the red carpet at various events. During one such appearance at the ELLE Gala in April 2023, the pair was asked a bunch of questions about their relationship, and they gladly obliged. When asked about how long they had been dating, Evin told ELLE, “We have been together for eight years. We have known each other for twelve, thirteen years.”

Expressing how fantastic it feels to be in a long-term relationship, Ardalan stated, “We know each other so well now, so that’s what’s cool.” He further added, “After so many years, after everything you’ve seen. If you stay, you stay.” Spilling the beans on their engagement and wedding plans, the pair said, “We got engaged three years ago, right during the corona but then we couldn’t get married. There are still some plans, but it’s a bit of a secret.” Ardalan concluded, “We will (get married), it will be intimate, cozy and it will be a new chapter for us.”

For the uninitiated, Evin and Ardalan also share screenspace in Netflix’s ‘Snabba Cash,’ where the former essays the character of Leya, while the latter can be seen in the role of Jamal. Shedding light on how it feels to work alongside each other, Evin told Express, We are very comfortable in those roles, and I think he is a fantastic actor. So for me it’s just a great luxury to be able to work with him. It’s very easy to feel alone in this industry, so it’s really nice to have someone to share all of this with,” she concluded. Well, their pairing surely looks like a match made in heaven, and we wish the two lovebirds the very best for their future together~

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