Extrapolations Episode 3 Recap: 2047 The Fifth Question

Apple TV+’s ‘Extrapolations’ is an anthology drama series created by Scott Z. Burns (‘Contagion ‘). The sci-fi series gives viewers a look at earth’s future amidst global temperature and other environmental crises future generations will have to deal with. The third episode, titled ‘2047: The Fifth Question,’ is set a year after episode two and stars Daveed Diggs, David Schwimmer, and Neska Rose in the lead roles. It focuses on Rabbi Marshall Zucker as he tries to save Temple Israel Synagogue from the rising sea level flooding Miami. In the process, Marshall bonds with a teenager named Alana and suffers a crisis of faith. If you wish to catch up on the episode’s events and end, here is everything you need to know about ‘Extrapolations’ episode 3! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Extrapolations Episode 3 Recap

The third episode, titled ‘2047: The Fifth Question,’ follows Marshall Zucker (Daveed Diggs), now a fully ordained rabbi, who waits outside the Sea Level Mitigation Department. Marshall appeals to the committee and wants help to protect Temple Israel Synagogue from being swallowed by the sea, as the water levels keep rising and more buildings are submerged. Constructed in 1947, Temple Israel Synagogue is at risk of sinking as the sea level has already increased over 38 cm in the 21st century. In Miami, several areas have been cordoned off as loss zones due to their lower elevation and susceptibility to being submerged first.

Harris Goldblatt (David Schwimmer) searches for his keys to take his second wife, Gabby, and daughter, Alana, to Temple Israel. However, his daughter harbors resentment towards him because of something he did to her mother. At Temple Israel, Rabbi Marshall delivers a speech about the advancements of the 21st century, including the discovery of a cure for cancer and human exploration of Mars. The US economy stands strong despite Texas being gone and Miami being flooded every four days. The Rabbi asks Tallahassee leaders to save Temple Israel so that the congregation can gather there next year for Passover.

Rabbi Marshall introduces his mother, Isabel, who survived a hematoma in episode 1. He reminds everyone that they will host a seder for those displaced by the climate crisis for the fifth consecutive year. As the Rabbi speaks, the floor is covered in water, and everyone wears waterproof boots. Marshall and his assistant Sophie meet Harris and his family, who want to discuss Alana’s Bat Mitzvah. Marshall rushes to an internal committee meeting to discuss the rising water level. David, Harris’s father, is among the committee discussing flooding in the sanctuary. The group argues about the best solutions to solve the crisis and save the building.

Later, Marshall helps Alana pick a date and portion of the Bible for her Bar Mitzvah. Marshall learns from his conversations with Alana about her mother’s time in rehab stemming from Harris having an affair with Gabby. Alana also tells Marshall about Harris developing the Little Haiti housing project and selling the homes to millionaires while ordinary people suffer. Meanwhile, Marshall learns that the Sea Level Mitigation Department has decided not to save Temple Israel. As a result, he is forced to move his mother to Chicago but remains in Miami to help others in need.

As Marshall spends more and more time with Alana, he starts to have a crisis of faith as the teenager regularly questions God’s authority and inability to stop the horrifying incidents humans face daily. Meanwhile, Alana is disappointed in her father and can’t tolerate living a luxurious life while people suffer outside. As a result, Harris offers to help Marshall save the temple. He bribes an official and gives up the local shelter home in exchange for saving Temple Israel. However, Alana learns the truth and informs the authorities. Meanwhile, Harris’ father passes away, and Harris is arrested during the funeral.

Extrapolations Episode 3 Ending: Does Marshall Survive the Flood?

In the episode’s final act, heavy rainfalls lead to the flooding of Miami, including the Temple Israel Synagogue. Meanwhile, Marshall is already dealing with a crisis of faith after Alana questions why there is no divine intervention to help humans deal with natural calamities. Moreover, after Marshall learns about Harris bribing an official to save the Temple Israel Synagogue, his beliefs, and moral compass are completely shattered. During the flood, Marshall tries to save the temple’s sacred texts and returns to the building to retrieve them. However, he gets caught up in the flooding building and nearly dies.

Ultimately, Marshall successfully climbs to the building’s roof and is airlifted, saving his life. In the process, Marshall realizes that he is merely trying to save an institution while people are in need of saving. When the homeless people are abandoned from their shelter following Marshall’s attempts to save the temple, Marshall sees that his quest to save the temple is misguided. At the episode’s end, Marshall joins up with the flood survivors and provides service to those in need. As a result, it is easy to see how Marshall’s experiences have transformed him.

Instead of trying to deliver hope to people through her sermons, Marshall decides to work on the ground level and provide his services to those in need. The episode ends with Marshall and Alana reuniting at the shelter, and the latter reveals that her father also survived the flood. Despite Marshall’s mistakes in his journey, Alana became the voice of reason and guided him to a righteous path despite her lesser understanding of God and the mysterious ways he works. Although Marshall does not have answers to Alana’s questions, he realizes that people must rely on each other for help instead of God and looks forward to contributing to saving lives instead of just a structure.

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