Fatal Attraction Episode 7 Recap: Best Friends

Paramount+’s ‘Fatal Attraction’ tells the story of Dan Gallagher as he becomes embroiled in the murder of Alex Forrest, a co-worker with whom he had a brief affair. In the seventh episode, we learn about Alex’s childhood and her relationship with her father. Meanwhile, we finally learn how Dan’s court case shaped up and why he was convicted of the murder. Nonetheless, in the present, Dan tries to prove his innocence. Hence, viewers must wonder whether Dan moves any closer to his goal at the end of ‘Fatal Attraction’ episode 7! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Fatal Attraction Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode, titled ‘Best Friends,’ opens with Dan released from custody on bail. He talks with Beth about his upcoming court hearing. Dan refuses to reveal his affair with Alex in front of the jury as it will damage his family man image. Instead, his entire defense depends on dashing Alex’s credibility by portraying her as a delusional, obsessive stalker. Dan states that he cares whether Beth thinks he is capable of murdering someone.

A series of flashbacks reveal Young Alex’s relationship with her father, Stanley Forres. Stanely was a compulsive liar and serial cheater who used Alex to cover up for his infidelity. Alex played along, giving her a sense of friendship with her father. However, Alex and Stanley soon have differences when Alex starts calling out her father’s lies.

In the past, Dan’s trial commences, and the prosecution tries to portray Dan as a privileged man who took advantage of Alex. The flashbacks reveal Alex was kicked out of her law school study group for her obsessive behavior. However, before leaving, she leaks the group’s secrets. Later, she meets with her father and shares the study group incident with her father. However, Stanley continues to undermine Alex and does not show her much affection.

Moreover, Alex catches Stanley lying about liking skiing, resulting in an argument between the father and daughter. Alex soon becomes depressed and seeks counseling. In her first meeting, Alex expresses feelings of loneliness and develops a bond with the counselor. During dinner, Alex tells Stanely of her desire to quit law school and pursue a job in victim’s service, resulting in Alex openly insulting her father. In the past, Stanley is called upon to testify in the case against Dan.

Soon, Alex starts seeing a professional therapist and works on her issues with her father. However, Alex’s relationship with her therapist also shows signs of obsessive behavior. In the court, Detective Earl Booker reveals that the victim’s body was discovered near a lake, and the cause of death was reported to be blunt force trauma. Moreover, Dan’s fingerprints were found in Alex’s apartment, making him the prime accused. Conchita Lewis is called to testify in the case and speaks in favor of Alex, squashing the defense’s claims of her being a troubled woman.

Alex tells her therapist that she is moving to Los Angeles, California, to make a fresh start. However, Alex fires back when her therapist implies that Alex’s uncomfortable history with her colleagues in Seattle is the primary reason behind the move. In the Present, Ellen follows her teacher, Richard Macksey, and keeps a tab on his actions. Later, Dan gives Ellen his application for a renewed trial to clear his name from Alex’s case. Dan explains that his lying about his affair with Alex made things easy for the prosecution to prove his guilt.

Other witnesses, such as Emma Rauch, are called to testify against Dan. However, Dan’s attorney maintains a strong case for his client until the revelation of shocking proof. Stanley supports the idea that Dan had an affair with his daughter. After moving to Los Angeles, Alex spoke with her father over the phone and shared details of her life. As a result, he receives a selfie of Alex, Dan, and his dog, Quincy, proving Dan is lying about his relationship with Alex.

Fatal Attraction Episode 7 Ending: Is Dan’s Request For Retrial Approved?

In the episode’s final act, Dan’s case approaches its conclusion. After Stanley exposes Dan’s affair with Alex, his defense is significantly weakened. As a result, the jury turns against Dan and presents an almost unanimously guilty verdict against him. The judge sentences Dan to prison, and viewers already know the rest of the story from the previous episodes. However, at present, Dan has decided to file an appeal against the original verdict. Dan explains to Ellen that other fingerprints were found in Alex’s apartment. However, the detectives never treated them as suspects because he lied about his affair with Alex.

With the new evidence that has surfaced and other suspects listed in Dan’s appeal for a retrial, he is confident that his request will be approved. However, things do not go according to Dan’s plan. Dan had accepted a shorter sentence by pleading guilty and reiterated his involvement in Alex’s murder during his parole hearing. As a result, the judge overseeing Dan’s request for a retrial believes that Dan could be lying in his new application.

Dan’s previous lies make it impossible for the judge to determine whether he is telling the truth. Hence, she denies Dan’s request, and he decides not to pursue the case any further. Ultimately, Dan meets Beth and reveals the fate of his request for a retrial. He decides not to file an appeal against the judge’s decision but is comforted when Beth admits she always knew Dan was incapable of murder. However, Beth’s words receive a new meaning in the final scene when a flashback shows her arriving to meet Alex shortly after learning of her husband’s affair.

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