Fatal Attraction: Who Is Emma? Did She Kill Alex?

Paramount+’s ‘Fatal Attraction’ tells the story of Dan Gallagher and Alex Forrest in a modern context. In the series, Dan has a brief affair with his co-worker, Alex Forrest. However, Alex soon becomes obsessed with Dan, seeking his attention. The series expands upon Alex’s past and her tragic eventual fate by adding new characters, such as Emma Rauch. Given the mystery surrounding Alex’s past and her death, viewers must be curious to learn more about Emma’s role and whether she killed Alex in ‘Fatal Attraction.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Emma Is Alex’s Neighbor

Emma Rauch is the neighbor of Alex Forrest and first appears briefly in the third episode of ‘Fatal Attraction,’ titled ‘The Watchful Heart.’ The episode shows events from Alex’s perspective, leading up to her affair with Dan Gallagher, a public prosecutor at the DA’s office in Los Angeles. In the series, veteran actress Deanna “Dee” Wallace plays the role of Emma Rauch. Wallace started her screen career in 1974 and has been appearing in films and television shows for nearly forty years. She is arguably best known for essaying Mary Taylor, the mother of the protagonist in the 1982 sci-fi film ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial‘ directed by Steven Spielberg. Her other credits include shows such as ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Shooter,’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

Wallace is properly introduced in the sixth episode of ‘Fatal Attraction,’ titled ‘The Dillingers.’ In the episode, we see Alex’s past, especially her relationship with Clay Bishop. The episode begins with a flashback to Alex’s first day at work in the Victim Services Bureau. Later, she meets Emma in the hallway of her apartment building and seeks help with the building elevator. Alex and Emma become friends, and it is implied that Alex used to share personal details with her neighbor. However, Alex insulted Emma after she failed to be available for Alex and chose to be with her daughter. Eventually, it is revealed that Emma witnessed Dan leaving Alex’s apartment after their physical altercation.

Emma Might Have Killed Alex

In the sixth episode, Emma appears friendly and almost over-eager to introduce herself to Alex. However, we later learn that Alex and Emma had a falling out. Nonetheless, Emma has little to no motivation to kill Alex. Meanwhile, Emma sees Dan leave Alex’s apartment, and she could have been an important witness in the case against Dan. Emma is also the one who informs the police about the blood in Alex’s apartment. However, a major hint about Emma’s sinister nature comes in the sixth episode as Emma is shown to own a rabbit. The 1987 film on which the series is based coined the term “bunny boiler,” referencing a woman who acts vengefully against her lover.

In the show, Emma owning a pet rabbit could imply that she has sinister motives and is secretly obsessed with Emma. It is implied that Alex and Emma had a falling out after Alex insulted the latter. Moreover, Emma seems to be aware of Dan and Alex’s physical altercation. As a result, she might have taken advantage of the situation and killed Alex. However, there is little to no evidence to support this theory. Furthermore, we know very little about Emma and have barely seen her interact with Alex to determine her motivations for killing her neighbor. Nonetheless, the friendly demeanor and several potential suspects could be a careful misdirection from the revelation of Emma being the killer responsible for Alex’s death.

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