Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4 Recap: King County

The fourth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 8, titled ‘King County,’ follows Morgan Jones, who leaves for King County to find his turned son Duane. Upon arriving at the place, Morgan meets Grace and Mo, who find a way to follow their loved one. PADRE sends Dwight and Sherry to bring Morgan back to the island but they sympathize with their former ally, which makes them shield him from the soldiers of the authoritarian duo. The engrossing episode ends with a startling development that raises questions concerning Grace’s fate. If you are eager to know more about the same, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4 Recap

‘King County’ begins with Morgan Jones arriving in his old neighborhood to put his son Duane to rest. Grace and Mo arrive at the place to support him as they don’t want him to put his life on the line with an enormous amount of walkers roaming around. Meanwhile, Dwight and Sherry arrive at the place to capture Morgan and take him to Shrike. The couple lets Morgan, Grace, and Mo know that they have to take the fugitive back since their son Finch is under PADRE’s custody. Morgan convinces them that he is at the place for putting his son to rest.

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As a father and mother, Dwight and Sherry start to sympathize with Morgan’s plight and let him find Duane. Morgan, Grace, and Mo go to the former’s house but they don’t find Duane at the place. However, Morgan finds the body of his wife Jenny. More soldiers from PADRE join Dwight and Sherry to capture or kill Morgan but the couple protect and let him search for Duane. Grace informs Morgan that she is sick due to radiation exposure and that she doesn’t have a long period left to live. Morgan promises to share his life with her and Mo after fulfilling his mission. Mo finds Duane in another house and Morgan finally meets his son and kills him.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4 Ending: Will Grace Die?

After Morgan has fulfilled his mission, he shares an endearing moment with Mo and Grace. Meanwhile, a walker appears out of nowhere and tries to bite Mo. Grace tries to protect her daughter but gets bitten by the undead before Morgan kills the same. He then carries her to Dwight and Sherry so that they can together meet June to save Grace. Since June’s treatment has saved the life of Finch, even after he gets bitten by a walker, Morgan is hopeful that the same will save the life of his partner. Finch’s recovery indicates that the improved treatment protocol is working well than expected, which increases the chances of Grace successfully getting cured of the walker bite.

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Having said that, Grace isn’t Finch. It is unknown whether the treatment protocol will only work in completely healthy individuals such as children of PADRE. Since Grace is already sick with radiation exposure, one can’t be sure whether June’s medicines will work in the former or if she has enough health to withstand the protocol. In addition, June can be surrounded by the soldiers of PADRE. Shrike and her team didn’t develop the treatment protocol for treating the ones who stand against her civilization but to protect the ones who are the future of the same. June may need to fight PADRE’s forces to save Grace even if the protocol will work in her body.

Even if June’s mysterious cure for walker bites helps Grace, the same is not expected to grant her immortality. She may still deal with the complications of the sickness she got diagnosed with due to radiation exposure. Therefore, Grace’s life is currently hanging by a thread.

Will Dwight, Sherry, and Finch Escape from PADRE?

When Shrike sends more soldiers to join Dwight and Sherry, the couple realizes that Morgan’s life is under threat. When he fails to convince PADRE that he is in King County in search of his son rather than to form a secret group to fight the civilization, the soldiers receive an order to kill Morgan. Dwight and Sherry, who considers Morgan nothing short of family, step up and save him by attacking their fellow soldiers. After standing against PADRE’s wishes, the couple realizes they don’t have a future in the community anymore, which leads them to decide to run away from the place with their son Finch.

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Although Finch manages to run away from Shrike and join Dwight and Sherry, they fail to escape from the authoritarian regime. As they set out to escape from PADRE, they come across an injured Grace with Morgan and Mo. Dwight and Sherry realize that they cannot abandon Grace, who is a sister to the couple, especially when she is fighting for her life. Dwight and Sherry then take the group to June. The couple’s decision to help Morgan instead of running away from PADRE may lessen the chances of them nurturing a family elsewhere. By deciding to stay with Morgan, Grace, and Mo, they remain under the threat of Shrike and her forces, who must want to punish the ”betrayers.”

If that’s the case, Dwight, Sherry, and Finch’s escape from PADRE depends upon how fastly they can bid adieu to Morgan and Grace to prioritize their safety. If they fail to prevent the soldiers of PADRE from surrounding them before they could find a way to escape, they may get forced to remain in the civilization.

Why Does Morgan Kill Duane? Does He Bury Jenny and Duane?

Morgan’s son Duane becomes a walker at the start of the zombie apocalypse. He gets bitten by his own mother Jenny, who had become a walker by then. Morgan, at the time, couldn’t save his son. He immerses himself in guilt, which makes him lock down Duane rather than putting a bullet in the walker’s brain. When he confronts the need for protecting Mo, Morgan realizes that he cannot do the same without moving on from the guilt of not protecting his son. He hands over Mo to PADRE thinking that the little girl shouldn’t end up like Duane when she is under his care.

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When Morgan realizes that Mo deserves a father and mother, he sets out to retrieve her. However, he knows that it is pointless to reconnect with her if he cannot convince himself that he can protect her. Therefore, he kills Duane and buries him and Jenny so that he can open a new chapter of his life with Grace and Mo. Along with his son and late wife, Morgan also buries his aforementioned guilt so that the same will not come between him and his daughter’s wish to live with her parents.

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