Will Dwight and Sherry Get Back Together in Fear the Walking Dead?

Image Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

The seventh season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ depicts Dwight and Sherry’s outlaw group Dark Horses joining Alicia Clark’s group. Together, they later join Morgan Jones and his allies as they move forward with their search for a safe place named PADRE. In the fifteenth episode of the season, Dwight and Sherry set out to end up in PADRE with hopes of a better future, only to end up in an authoritarian regime where they are separated by the supreme force. In the second episode of the eighth season, they consider getting back together as a couple, even if it means standing against the dictator who controls them. Will they succeed? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Struggle for Reunion: Dwight and Sherry’s Journey

While Dwight, Sherry, and their allies try to find PADRE, Morgan reveals their location to the authoritarian figure to retrieve Mo. PADRE captures the group, including Dwight and Sherry. Since couples are not allowed to be together in the community, they get separated. In the second episode of the eighth season, they reunite temporarily for the sake of their son Finch, who doesn’t even know who his parents are. After meeting June and witnessing her yearning for freedom from PADRE, Dwight and Sherry consider getting back together and eloping from the dictator who controls them.

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Dwight and Sherry may have been able to get back together and run away if they haven’t taken a lot of time to consider it. Since Finch is suffering from appendicitis, they have to prioritize dealing with the same, which steals their time and reduces the chances of their reunion happening. By the time they realize that they can yearn for togetherness and freedom, just like June yearns for the latter, PADRE’s trusted general Shrike finds them. Dwight and Sherry have encountered and survived even more potent enemies than Shrike but the latter locks the couple up emotionally.

To find a cure for walker bites and save the children of PADRE from the carrions, Shrike decides to conduct experiments on Finch. As the first step, she lets a walker bites Finch. Since Finch has to remain under the care of June and Shrike to survive the bite, Dwight and Sherry most likely will not plan to elope from PADRE because of the chances of them running away together without their son, even if it means they can be a couple again, are none. Therefore, Dwight and Sherry’s only concern at the moment will be Finch’s survival over their yearning to get back together as a couple.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

In addition, family is a sentiment that’s not encouraged at PADRE. Since Dwight and Sherry express their concern and care for Finch, Shrike must have realized that the two of them are deviating from the civilization’s way of life. She may report the same to PADRE, who likely will make sure that Dwight and Sherry will stay separated. More eyes possibly will be on the couple individually, which will make it hard for them to reunite. Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Dwight and Sherry will not get back together at all. We may see their allies teaming up together against PADRE.

June and Morgan have their own reasons to stand and fight against PADRE. We can expect Madison to join them, seeking redemption after separating several children from their moms. From the promotional materials of the upcoming episodes, it is clear that Daniel Salazar has become the commander of a group. He and his soldiers may team up with his old allies to bring down the dictatorship of PADRE. Dwight and Sherry may join them as well. If they all succeed in destroying the civilization and its supreme power, Dwight and Sherry may cherish their victory as a couple.

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