How Did Troy Die? Why Did Daniel Sharman Leave Fear the Walking Dead?

Image Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

The eight seasons of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is filled with highly engrossing and intricate characters. The third season of the show sees the introduction of Troy Otto, a former high-ranking member of the Broke Jaw Ranch community and a significant part of the Otto family. Troy becomes the secondary antagonist of the third season’s second half as he creates havoc in the ranch he lived in the past. Although Troy’s death didn’t surprise the viewers, Daniel Sharman was missed in the seasons that followed the third round. If you are curious about Troy’s death and Sharman’s departure from the series, let us share everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Madison’s Justice: The End of Troy’s Reign

Although Troy has succeeded in captivating the people around him, he has always displayed the traits of a psychopath and a sadist. After the apocalypse, the Clark family and several others inhabit the Broke Jaw Ranch. Although the ranch witnesses several conflicts between its members, they eventually manage to co-exist. Meanwhile, an enormous herd of walkers ends up at the ranch. Although the residents try to stop them by creating a wall using the RVs, the walkers manage to get inside and kill the community members. Even though several of them try to save themselves by fleeing into the underground pantry, they end up dead due to the blockage in the vent that supplies air to the bunker.

Image Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

The tragedy at the Broke Jaw kills numerous individuals, including Cooper, Gabe, Mrs. Twomey, Blake, Pat and her son Dax, Kerry and her family, Bob, Stan, Christine, and Erin. In the fifteenth episode of the third season, Nick reveals that Daniel Salazar will kill Troy if he sees the latter. Madison Clark asks the reason behind the same, only for Troy to reveal that he directed the herd of walkers to the Broke Jaw to cause the deaths of several individuals. Since Madison and her family members’ lives are threatened by the tragedy, she takes Troy’s confession personally.

To an infuriated Madison, Troy makes it clear that he doesn’t have any remorse concerning the deaths his action caused. “I had every right. I had every… every right. That was my home and you gave me that right. You allowed me to run. I’d do it all again. All of it, Madison,” Troy tells her. Angered by his words, Madison bludgeons Troy twice in the head using a hammer and kills him.

Troy Otto’s Exit to Serve the Narrative

Daniel Sharman left ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ following the conclusion of his character Troy Otto’s story arc. Co-creator of the series and the third season showrunner Dave Erickson originally thought of Troy’s character arc as a multi-season one. “[Killing] Troy was a hard one because I actually had a conversation with Daniel earlier in the season where I said that at that moment my intention was to not kill Troy,” Erickson revealed to EW. However, as the narrative of the season got conceived properly, the then-showrunner had to kill Daniel’s character off to do justice to the former.

Image Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

“And then when we got to a place where I realized I had to have a bit more closure than I had originally intended, I had another conversation with Daniel where I said, ‘You know how I said I wasn’t going to kill you? Well, unfortunately, now I am,’” Erickson added to EW. When Troy’s death became inevitable, Daniel had to part ways with the show. “From a story perspective, it [killing Troy off] made sense and it actually worked with the narrative. And the truth of the matter is he deserved it. I mean, if anybody on our show deserved to go it was Troy — just based on the place where we met him, based on the things we’ve seen him do, and frankly, the things that Madison’s abided by,” the co-creator said in the same EW interview.

After leaving ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ Daniel joined the cast of the Italian series ‘Medici’ to play Lorenzo the Magnificent. He also appears in Netflix’s fantasy series ‘Cursed,’ in which he plays Weeping Monk/Lancelot. His other recent credits include ‘Every Man for Himself,’ ‘A Town Called Malice,’ etc.

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