Apple TV+’s Fingernails was Filmed in Canada

Espousing the prospect of the ideal match, Apple TV+’s ‘Fingernails’ rejects the idea of a match made in heaven. Helmed by Christos Nikou, the sci-fi film follows the story of Anna, an erstwhile teacher who meets Amir, an experienced conductor who undertakes the compatibility test at the Love Institute. As a meditation on passion and love, the movie posits the probability of love to be a chemically balanced equation. Headlined by Jessie Buckley, Riz Ahmed, Jeremy Allen White, Luke Wilson, and Annie Murphy, the movie chronicles the unexpected matters of the heart. Given the scenic locations that offer a backdrop for most of the scenes, fans have continued to wonder more about the filming locations of the movie. 

Where was Fingernails Filmed?

Rendered undone by the possibilities of true love, ‘Fingernails’ chronicles the journey of individuals who question if compatibility and facts can really determine their partner. The movie was shot in and around Canada. The principal photography for the movie commenced in Toronto and Ontario in November 2022. The film was shot within a period of 28 days, and the production was wrapped up by December 2022. While the improbable setting of the movie depicts a futuristic visual, the surroundings also help deliver the prospect of something unusual. 

Hamilton, Ontario

Renowned for its scores of productions, Hamilton served as the perfect location for the movie to be shot. Several scenes for the movie were filmed a few miles from Lake Ontario. The sublime question of passion and logic is further exalted in the confines of the Love Institute. To encapsulate the essence of the storyline, the production chose locations like the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Glanbrook at the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. Some of the external scenes were also shot at Valens Lake Conservation Area, a campground in Hamilton located at 1691 Regional Rod 97, Cambridge. 

Fingernails - Apple TV+ Press

The star-studded movie is further elevated by the timelessness it embodies through its picturesque sites. Other places where the movie was produced include the Ajio Sushi Korean and Japanese Restaurant at 161 King Street East, Hamilton. Some scenes were also shot at Sana Grill, located at 163 King Street East, Mary Street in Hamilton. Finally, the administrative district of Etobicoke also offered the right setting for the movie. As home to several lakefront parks, tea rooms, museums, and pubs, the city’s hub supplemented as the suitable backdrop for the filming. 

Toronto, Ontario 

Besides the scenes shot in Ontario, numerous scenes for the movie were filmed in Toronto, as well. Home to buildings and houses with timeless character, the remarkable structures of the city became the perfect site for the production to go underway. Given the financial benefits that arise for producers, Toronto worked out to be the ideal location for ‘Fingernails.’ Over the years, the city has been the focal point for countless renowned television series and movies. Some of them include, ‘Gilmore Girls,’ ‘Suits,’ ‘Black Mirror,’ and ‘Wednesday.’

Fingernails - Apple TV+ Press

Given the streak of benefits that the producers aim to gain, Toronto has often been used as a substitute for high-paced metropolitans and even scenic locations like that of Europe. While the weather conditions offer a distinct personality to the site, the structures and buildings also add a layer of authenticity for filmmakers to capture. 

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