Floribama Shore: Where Are The Participants Now?

Set in the picturesque beach town of Florida Panhandle, MTV’s ‘Floribama Shore’ follows the lives of eight young adults who have arrived at the beach town to spend their summer partying and having fun. While the exotic location lends to a season-long bash, the close proximity also aids in hookups, heartbreak and drama. From fights to disagreements to heartfelt confessions, ‘Floribama Shore’ is a successor to ‘Jersey Shore,’ and first premiered in 2017. Years later, fans are curious to know where are the stars of the reality television show.

Jeremiah Buoni is Building a Career in Fitness and Modelling Today

The heartthrob of the cast, Jeremiah, had been anointed the position of the responsible one of the group. Outside of the show, Jeremiah has continued to build a career away from media as well. Jeremiah has always been committed to building his physique, and while he was still on the show, he even won a bodybuilding competition. Naturally, he continued down the road of fitness. Currently, Jeremiah is an ambassador for Fit Strong Supplements, one of the most renowned names in the industry.

In addition to modeling for the brand and promoting the supplements, Jeremiah continues to focus on other interests and golfs regularly. He still remains close friends with his castmates and has even attended the wedding and baby shower of castmate Nilsa Prowant. As for his girlfriend, Jeremiah likes to keep that aspect of his life under wraps. Even so, we still hope that Jeremiah continues to create milestones personally and professionally.

Candace Rice is Now Embracing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

In the same year ‘Floribama Shore’ came to an end, Candace Rice took to her Instagram to announce her pregnancy. As elated as she was to celebrate the birth of her child with boyfriend Denzel Hardy, aka DJ Skar, things went haywire when her son was born prematurely. Naturally, Candace dropped a number of prospective opportunities that had lined up for her and decided to be by her baby’s side. For six months, Candace kept close to her son and chronicled his journey in the NICU as an intubated infant.

Now, the mother-son duo have managed to overcome the number of challenges that came their way. Candace regularly takes to Instagram to showcase Maxwell’s progress. Her last appearance was on the television series ‘Washed.’ She is now working full-time as an Instagram influencer and even has her own line of skincare products, including natural and organic body butter, sugar polishes, scrubs and masks. She regularly holds pop-ups for her business called Yaaganix Naturals and is excelling professionally.

Kirk Medas is Focusing on Health and Exploring Theatrical Productions

Like his co-stars, Kirk has continued to grow professionally and personally after leaving ‘Floribama Shore.’ He regularly takes to Instagram to talk about mindful living and how he’s focusing more on his health than he ever did in his days on the show. Instead of drinking regularly, Kirk is focusing more on connecting with nature and establishing his roots.

Season 4 of the show introduced Kirk’s girlfriend, Wren Marie. Readers will be happy to know that Kirk and Wren are still together and enjoying their life as a couple. The duo often takes time to escape their work and goes on vacation with their dog. Kirk is currently based in Atlanta, where he’s working in theatrical productions and regularly posts on his YouTube channel as well. Additionally, he is also working as a Sales Consultant for SBK Internation Wholesale, where his work includes B2B sales of smoke, hookah and vape.

Codi Butts is Excelling in Landscaping and Enjoying Personal Life

Hailing from South Carolina, Codi had become a fan favorite for his jovial personality. While his levity brought a spark to the show, he didn’t receive the same level of comfort in his romantic relationships on the show. From Candace to Ashton Lee DiFiore, Codi couldn’t find the right one.

Even so, he continues to shine outside life on camera. Codi is currently working for a landscape company called C and S Landscapes in his hometown. From paving, retaining walls, irrigating and installing, Codi regularly boasts about his rewarding work. On the personal front, Codi is currently speculated to be with Jerica Vickery and still enjoys spending time with his family members. He is also close friends with co-stars and regularly hangs out with them.

Aimee Hall is Growing Her Social Media Presence and Hosting Events

In 2019, Aimee was involved in an altercation that led to her arrest. Not just this, she was also sued for damages along with the network, a legal fight that may still be continuing. Aimee’s fiery personality had won the hearts of many, and she has continued to shine through her socials. After the show came to an end, Aimee continued to maintain her online presence. She largely devotes her time to Instagram and regularly posts about her life while also promoting products of famous brands.

Aimee is still close to her ‘Floribama Shore’ costars and has even organized a beach party with Candace Rice and Nilsa Prowant. The trio has also organized a swimsuit contest with a $1000 cash prize for fans. Despite keeping her boyfriend’s personal details under wraps, she regularly posts about him.

Kortni Gilson is Modeling and Sharing Her Journey of Healing

Kortni had infamously erupted and had a breakdown on the show. After leaving season 3 midway, Kortni never returned and instead began her journey to heal from her past. In a vulnerable post, Kortni opened up about how she’d been assaulted at 16 and the scar of the incident bled into whatever she did. Not just this, but to cope with her past, she continued working till her breaking point. She had become addicted to Xanax and even became suicidal.

However, after leaving the show, she fully recovered and is currently working as a model. She owns an 18’ Toyota 4Runner and has an Instagram page dedicated to the same. Kortni is also a bike rider. Her journey into healing was furthered by exercise. Kortni now uses her account to showcase the benefits of exercising and posts similar content on her page. In 2019, Kortni also gave birth to her child while still with Ryan Trackwell. While she likes to keep the personal aspect of her life hidden, she is still making progress professionally.

Nilsa Prowant is Thriving in Family Life and Fashion Business Now

Known for her electrifying chemistry with fellow co-star Gus Smyrnios, Nilsa had won the heart of several people. However, while her relationship with Gus didn’t come to fruition, she still found the man of her dreams. Nilsa is married to Gus Gazda, and the couple has a son named Dray. In addition to familial bliss keeping her busy, Nilsa is also a full-time Instagram influencer and uses her social media to promote a number of products. Along with promoting luxurious products, Nilsa also owns her own brand called Shop Nilsa Prowant, where she sells her own line of clothing and jewellery. Nilsa is also equally active on YouTube and TikTok and continues to create content for different social media channels.

Gus Smyrnios is Finding Love and Pursuing Modeling Career Today

While Gus’ ability to make people swoon with his words and actions made him unique, the heartbreak he experienced throughout the show changed him immensely. Not only did he get involved in a physical fight with his former best friend and co-star Jeremiah Buoni, but he had even exploded on Codi Butts. All of this amounted to tension between Gus and the cast members, which became palpable on the screen. Even when the cameras weren’t rolling, the tense atmosphere lingered, and Gus took to Twitter to express his feelings about how his castmate Candace Rice was allegedly racist and homophobic in the show.

However, things changed after the show ended. In addition to his successful career as a book model, he also met the love of his life, which helped him get over the ghosts of his past. After leaving the show, Gus announced his relationship with Samantha Carruci. Shortly after, the duo got married and are now living their best life along with their dogs.


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