Frank Hu From The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge is Now Focused on His Job

With Netflix’s ‘The Big Nailed It! Baking Challenge‘ living up to its title in nearly every way imaginable, we get a true bake-off competition series wherein amateurs are the front and center. After all, it revolves around ten rather inexperienced yet motivated home bakers competing in a myriad of challenges following basic coaching in the hopes of walking away with $100,000. And amongst those to feature in the first iteration of this alluring production was Frank Hu — so now, if you wish to learn more about him, we’ve got the integral details for you!

Frank Hu’s The Big Nailed It! Baking Challenge

From the moment Frank first came across our screens, it was evident he’s an easy-going, fun-loving, playful, and friendly youngster whose passion for desserts/baking is only that, a passion. In fact, the sole reason he applied to be a part of this incredible show was to enjoy himself while expanding on his overall skills to be a better home confectioner one day. However, if we’re being honest, Frank’s growth was initially quite hard to imagine since he hadn’t even hesitated to concede he “really believes in shortcuts in life” during Baking 101 lesson #1 itself.

Frank continued, “My elder brother taught me at a young age that it’s important to 80/20 things as much as you can. You can get 80% of the final results with only 20% of the work.” Though he soon proved everyone wrong by concocting some delectable cakes every step of the way, his singular issue later was the intensity (or the lack thereof) of his flavors.

But alas, in the end, Frank’s compensation for the same led to his booting — his cake was too sweet in the seventh challenge, resulting in him having to leave the kitchen with a #4 rank. “Looking back at what cakes I’ve baked, wow, I can’t believe I’ve done this,” the Taylor Swift fan then candidly said. “…I’m really proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and doing this, just going for it. You know it’s been a wild ride, the wildest of dreams, and frankly, I think I really lived up to my reputation, ‘Being Frank.'”

Where is Frank Hu Now?

Firstly, although Frank had asserted in the series that his elder brother Chase is a Harvard alumnus, and his youngster sister Grace had attended MIT, he had failed to mention he’s a Duke University Statistics and Computer Science graduate himself. It hence comes as no surprise he’s thriving in both his personal and professional life at the moment as a Data Scientist at the software company Calm while continuing his endeavors as a home baker.

Nevertheless, we should mention that Frank had kickstarted his career as a Data Science Intern at Celfocus in Portugal (2018) before evolving into a Data Engineering Intern at Fidelity Investments in North Carolina (2019). Yet throughout this period, he was even a Teaching Assistant in the Introduction to CS-Python class at Duke University (2018-2019) before taking up another internship at Zillow.

That’s when the youngster found himself in a full-time Data Scientist position at the company (2021-2023) while being an NBA Future Analytics Star Participant at the National Basketball Association (2021-2023). Frank joined Calm in San Francisco, California, in April 2023 and continues thriving in his job.

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