Freestyle Ending, Explained: Does Flour Betray Diego?

‘Freestyle’ is a crime film that keeps you on the edge of the seat till the very end. The Polish film, helmed by Maciej Bochniak, revolves around street rapper and former drug dealer Diego, who strays away from the world of narcotics after rehab to focus on his music career. However, the lack of money to sustain his career drives him back to the path of dealing drugs, which initiates a chain of events that puts the rapper’s life and career at risk.

The action film, starring Maciej Musiałowski, Michał Sikorski, Nel Kaczmarek, and Filip Lipiecki, concludes with a surprising twist that no one sees coming. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Freestyle.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Freestyle Plot Synopsis

Diego is a street rapper based in Kraków, who is trying to make a career in hip-hop after moving past his life as a drug dealer. He attempts to record an album with his friend Flour, who delivers drugs for a local supplier named Tuman. However, the boys are asked for extra money by the recording studio on the account that Flour stole a mic from the place. This setback pushes the two into a precarious position, forcing Diego to revisit the narcotics underworld for a solution. Martin, a Slovak drug lord, enters the scene, asking the rapper if he could still arrange cocaine. Initially hesitant, Diego eventually agrees and reconnects with the “Brothers,” a local drug cartel that he earlier worked for. Meanwhile, Diego finds himself in a passionate affair with Miki, who happens to be in a relationship with Baton, a worker for the Brothers.

Seeking more money, Diego arranges an extra package of cocaine from his local dealer friends. Unfortunately, his plans go awry when police officers bust into the scene while Diego hands over the drugs to Martin. While Diego manages to escape with the cocaine packages, Flour is arrested. Infuriated by the mishap, the Brothers issue Diego an ultimatum: repay the money for the lost drugs, including the extra package’s cost, within 12 hours, or face dire consequences. Under Baton’s watch, Diego’s life spirals into a high-stakes survival game. He is forced to rob a safe from an old man’s house. However, the rapper has to run away when the man starts firing at him.

Diego then meets Miki, who tells him that they both have been bugged by Baton, who got to know about their affair. Desperate for funds, the rapper attempts to sell the remaining cocaine to a wealthy businessman, only to discover that the drugs have been swapped with flour. Left with no other option, the rapper prepares to escape to Milan with Miki but the two are confronted by Baton, who gets hit by their car and falls unconscious. While Diego suspects that Baton is the one who planned everything, from informing the police to replacing the cocaine package, the actual culprit is revealed at the end which comes as a shock.

Freestyle Ending: Does Flour Betray Diego?

Yes, Flour does betray Diego. In an astonishing turn of events, it is revealed that Flour is the one who had faked his own arrest at Martin’s place and had, since then, been gambling at a local casino. The “police officers” who raided the place turn out to be Polish men hired by Flour who escape the scene with the coke and the money. Meanwhile, his sister Kira is also involved in the plan as she puts up a straight face in front of Diego, manipulating him into believing that she is moving to Tarnów for a few days to stay away from the predicament involving the drug cartel. It turns out she is the one who replaces the cocaine package with flour as only she has access to the greenroom, where the package is kept hidden.

The revelation comes when Diego confronts Baton, thinking that he had informed the police about his location, which led to the busting of Martin’s house. However, Baton claims that he is not the one behind the incident as the GPS device doesn’t work outside city limits. Meanwhile, Tuman reveals that Martin called him, explaining how he had been ripped off by Polish men who masqueraded as policemen and barged into his home. He then casually mentions Flour’s name, telling Diego to ask his friend to return his money.

At this moment, Diego suspects that his friend might not be someone he is pretending to be. His suspicion turns out to be true when he visits Flour’s home and asks his parents about his whereabouts. Since they are not aware of their son’s master plan, the elderly couple discloses that Flour was at a nearby garage, along with his sister. Disheartened by the betrayal, Diego drives to a local casino and finds Flour and Kira enjoying their lives as they gamble with the money they got from Martin’s. This leads to a clash between the two friends and eventually, Diego runs away with the money but gets into an accident.

While Diego wants to make a career in hip-hop with his closest friend Flour, the latter’s gambling addiction doesn’t let him think straight. From the very beginning of the film, Diego is shown to have a problem with Flour’s addiction. When they first earn money from the delivery for Tuman, Flour throws it away by gambling instead of paying the recording studio’s dues, which pisses Diego off. However, he still trusts his friend and includes him in the plan to supply drugs to Martin, only for Flour to betray Diego and put the latter’s life at risk.

Are the Brothers Dead or Alive?

Jacek, one of the two “Brothers,” is dead, while the other one, Józek, is still alive. The latter calls Diego at the end of the film to threaten him. The menacing drug cartel poses a major threat to the rapper throughout the movie. While the group seems friendly at first, having worked with Diego earlier, their attitude changes as soon as he loses their drugs while escaping the police raid at Martin’s place. Not only do they stab Diego’s hand but also threaten to kill him if he doesn’t get them the money he owes them within 12 hours. While the rapper tries to arrange money to return to the group, they are finally tackled by his father, a drug lord himself.

It is revealed that Diego was sent to his own father’s house to rob his safe, a mission he failed. When the two finally come face-to-face at Flour’s house, the drug lord tells his son that he just has to apologize to get all his problems sorted out. While Diego does not say sorry, his father still manages to launch an attack on the Brothers by burning down their car dealership and is able to get Jacek killed, while Józek comes out alive. Another member of the group who goes on to stay alive is Baton. After hitting him with their car, Diego and Miki take him to Tuman’s place and instead of killing him, spare his life when he reveals that he had nothing to do with the police officers or the swapping of drugs with flour.

Do Diego and Miki End Up Together?

Yes, Diego and Miki do end up together. As the couple drives away from Flour’s casino, they meet with a horrible accident and eventually wake up to find themselves under the hold of Martin. The Slovak drug lord is adamant about killing both of them and starts to strangulate Diego. However, Flour arrives at the scene just at the right time and saves both of them, only for the couple to finally unite in peace. Diego and Miki stand by each other throughout the film. While their relationship comes across as only physical at first, the two support each other through thick and thin and end up falling in love.

Miki is going through a toxic relationship with Baton and Diego is fighting his own battles but they always find solace in each other. Even when everyone turns their back on the rapper, including his best friend, Miki stays with him and urges him to escape to Milan with her to get rid of all their troubles. When Diego finally agrees to the plan, it is too late as both are stuck in a web of crimes. However, they manage to break free from their struggles and end up together. The film ends with a shot of the two kissing as they finally unite but their togetherness is still threatened by Józek, who wants to exact his vengeance on Diego by killing the rapper.

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