Gabby Ortiz: Where is Monster Factory’s Gabriella Belpre Now?

Image Credit: Gabby Ortiz/Instagram

If you are a fan of professional wrestling and have always wanted an insight into the lives of just how the people within the industry live, then ‘Monster Factory’ is just what you need! The Apple TV+ documentary series has captured the hearts of people across the world as it talks about some of the most underrated elements of the world of wrestling. Seeing the effort that aspiring professionals are putting in to promote themselves is also quite motivating.

One of the main features of the show is none other than Gabriella Belpre, AKA Gabby Ortiz. The stunning but deadly fighter has had her share of ups and downs but continues to work harder every day. If you are interested in learning more about Gabby, here is what we know about the same!

Who is Gabby Ortiz?

As a child, Gabby Ortiz grew up in a loving environment with her parents, who adored her. However, the wrestler explained in the documentary that her mother struggled with her mental health while her daughter was in her teens. Gabby suddenly felt that the roles had been reversed, and she had to look after her mother in order to ensure that nothing tragic happened. Unfortunately, Gabby returned home one day to find that her mother had passed away due to chronic alcoholism.

In a moment of candidness, Gabby shared that she did not give herself enough time to grieve the vast loss she had suffered and entered the world of wrestling not even a year after her mother’s demise. She even honored her mother in her wrestling career by incorporating her mother’s maiden name in her ring name. The wrestler quickly emerged as a shining star, and coach Daniel McDonald, AKA Danny Cage, confessed that he was heavily impressed by Gabby’s ability to don different personalities, especially as a fresher. He even hoped that she would be the first female Monster Factory student to become a part of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Interestingly, Gabby had even been called out for tryouts. She shared that after some time, her grief caught up to her, and her performance apparently was not precisely what it had once been. However, she did not give up on wrestling and continued to fight and make a name for herself. The wrestler has continued to fight and is part of circuits like the All Elite Wrestling(AEW). In fact, a picture of her fight in ‘AEW Dark: Elevation,’ where she fought against Thunder Rosa in December 2021, became a highly circulated meme, something that Gabby both loves and laments.

From 2009 to June 2013, Gabby was a student at the Creative and Performing Arts Highschool of Philadelphia and graduated with a diploma in Theater. In March 2014, she became a Front Desk Coordinator at Blo Out Beauty Bar but left the post in May of the same year. The wrestler then became a part of the line staff at Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site in August 2014 and worked there until November 2014. In the same month, she became a Day Time Operations/Floor Staff member at Woody’s Bar and retained the position until April 2016.

Gabby Ortiz is Still Thriving as a Pro-Wrestler

As of writing, Gabby continues to accumulate accolades as a professional wrestler. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the athlete continues to fight in independent circuits and has numerous fans. She is also quite popular on social media and has more than 32k followers on Instagram. Additionally, she is active on content creation platforms like TikTok and OnlyFans. Due to her internet presence, Gabby has also partnered up with various brands and often promotes their products.

Wrestling fans might also be excited to learn that Gabby has her own line of merchandise that can be bought online. The artist also works as an Executive Assistant at the Mayor’s Office of Philadelphia, a position she has retained since January 2016. Presently, she lives with her father, Jose “Tito” Belpre, and the two are quite close. In fact, the latter can often be found cheering Gabby on during her matches and is perhaps her biggest fan.

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