8 Games You Must Play if You Love Command & Conquer

Command & Conquer is regarded as one of the best real time strategy games of all time, having made the genre immensely accessible to fans worldwide. However, the series has not received any instalments for modern consoles, which got us thinking of similar games and the result is this list. Now not all games mentioned below are exactly similar, but most of them have been critical to the success story of the genre, so we highly recommend each of them to fans. Here is the list of video games similar to Command & Conquer that are our recommendations. You can play these games like Command & Conquer on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online.

8. Supreme Commander (2007)

This is simply one of the best real time strategy games that is set in a distant future where humans are able to traverse through the galaxy at will. Developed by Chris Taylor and published in the year 2007, the game is considered to be a spiritual successor to ‘Total Annihilation’, another massively popular RTS game. Humans have come a long way under the guidance of the Earth Empire, a solitary unit responsible for governing all space travel. The quantum gateways used for intergalactic travel was constantly monitored by the Earth Empire, but when the unit fell, all chaos broke loose. There are a number of factions in game fighting against each other for control when they should be working together in order to stabilize the situation.

The gameplay is extremely polished and the storyline will keep you hooked for hours, leading to long sessions. We recommend you have time on your hands before you start playing through this one. One expansion pack was released in the same year titled ‘Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance’ that adds extra units and gameplay content to the original title. A direct sequel called ‘Supreme Commander 2’ was also released in the year 2010 due to popular demand but we highly recommend you get into the series with this one. You will definitely like the story driven tactical gameplay if you love playing stuff like ‘Command & Conquer’.

7. Company of Heroes (2006)

‘Company of Heroes’ is a real time strategy video game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ in the year 2006 for Microsoft Windows PC and OS X platforms. The game is considered one of the best real time strategy games set around World War II and has gone on to win several ‘End of Year’ awards from various reputed publications. You are able to play as two factions during the course of the game that change depending on the situation of the campaign.

The main gameplay mechanic revolves around capturing various resource nodes on the map and then building bases around them. You are required to maintain a fine balance between gathering resources and producing troops and then taking down opponent enemies. Base management also plays a critical role as it enhances troop production and also allows you to upgrade your units. We highly recommend this game to fans of the ‘Command & Conquer’ universe as they will definitely be able to connect with the overall gameplay. Also, the individual troop management is also an in-depth aspect of this game, as you need to save your units rather than expending them.

6. The Stronghold Collection (2009)

‘Stronghold’ is one of the most popular real time strategy games out there that utilize both aspects of base management and resource management mechanics. What makes this game popular is the fact that it is extremely hardcore. If you don’t manage to maintain a balance between the production and the population of the settlement, then you will have a hard time recovering from that. There are various supply chains within the game and we highly recommend that you play the sandbox mode to get an idea of the campaign before you delve into the tougher levels.

I can’t tell you how many times I have lost the game because I couldn’t manage the supply chains, so make sure you have that under grasp if you want to progress through the game. It follows the story of Joan of Arc as she tries to bring the empires under her control. You will have a chance to lead Europe through the Dark Ages but keep in mind that the other factions are also out for a chance at the crown. We highly recommend this game if you liked playing through ‘Command & Conquer’ mainly due to the recurring gameplay elements and the in-depth strategic decisions. ‘The Stronghold Collection’ compiles all the entries in the series and makes it available in one single package that’s extremely convenient and pocket-friendly for gamers.

5. Starcraft II (2010)

‘Starcraft II’ is the second major instalment to the massively popular real time strategy series by Blizzard, ‘Starcraft’. It is one of those games that helped cement Blizzard’s position in the top of the global charts. The game also played a major role in making the real time strategy genre famous due to its popularity and ease of access. It is extremely forgiving for new players and kind of holds their hands through the first few levels, bringing them up to the pace of the campaign. We highly recommend this game to people who have never played RTS games before but are looking for something similar to ‘Command & Conquer’. I can’t think of a better game that manages to teach its players the basic mechanics of the genre while keeping the gameplay interesting.

‘Starcraft II’ is divided into 4 parts, each focusing on the campaign of one of the playable races. There are three races in the game — Protoss, Terran and Zerg and the first three instalments focus on each of them with the fourth one focusing on a Nova special ops unit called the Nova Terra. Start with ‘Wings of Liberty’, then ‘Heart of the Swarm’ and finally finish the trilogy with ‘Legacy of the Void’. The storyline is simply epic and will feature fast paced unit management and combat in the vestiges of space.

4. Total Annihilation (1997)

‘Total Annihilation’ is one of the most definitive real time strategy games of all time, having been an influence for so many more RTS titles. It was developed by Cavedog Entertainment and published by Wargaming.net in the year 1997 to major critical acclaim. Within the effort to upload our consciousness to digital machines, we somehow lost our way. The federation and the alliance between the countries fell and disintegrated into a bunch of factions all fighting against each other for dominance. It is a moment of disillusion for all and peace is something that is hard to come by even across the far lengths of the universe.

Over the course of time, two main factions emerged and each strived to subdue the other through devious means. A whole galaxy was depleted of its resources but the fighting never ceased with any power managing to assert dominance. 4000 years passed in this manner, slowly killing off the factions and any of their hopes. This is where you come into play. You are required to play through the campaign from the perspective of both the sides, and try to restore peace across the universe. There are over 150 different units and 25 different missions — a lot of diversity for a game that was released back in 1997. The game’s engine has since then been updated for modern devices, making it playable on modern devices. It is available on Steam along with the expansion packs and we highly recommend this one if you are looking for something similar to ‘Command & Conquer’.

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3. Star Wars: Empires at War (2006)

‘Star Wars: Empires at War’ is a real time strategy video game developed by Petroglyph Games and published by LucasArts that is based around the ‘Star Wars’ universe. It is considered to be one of the best real time strategy games centered around the ‘Star Wars’ universe and is an extremely loved title among gamers. The mechanics and the strategic depth are also quite commendable, allowing its players to quickly make decisions that affect the gameplay. There are three game modes allowing for diversity and customization when it comes to win conditions and map settings. The sandbox mode allows players to build on an unrestricted map with customizable settings and win conditions.

The campaign of the game takes the player through the entire story from the perspective of both the factions. There is a third skirmish mode which allows players to choose either of the two factions and then go out on all out war against other factions. There are two types of battles — land and air. In land battles, you take control of ground troops and vehicles while in air combat you are able to control huge battalions of space ships in outer space. While building your base, you are also required to upgrade your units as well, so a bit of micromanagement is required. If you are a ‘Star Wars’ fan and are looking for something similar to ‘Command and Conquer’, then you simply must play through this one.

2. Warcraft III (2002)

The memories I have of this game are entirely personal and if I had to place this title for a list of my own, it would top quite a few of them. ‘Warcraft III’ is the game that made me fall in love with the RTS genre. The adept storytelling, epic cutscenes and robust character design really place this game out of the league of others. It is the third major instalment in the ‘Warcraft’ series and was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment in the year 2002. ‘Warcraft III’ tells the story of the second invasion of the Burning Legion, and their subsequent plan to subdue Azeroth through the introduction of the Scourge. This is the first time in the series where you are able to play as The Undead Scourge and The Night Elves. The story begins with Thrall having a vision about the invasion and is then visited by the ‘Prophet’ who advises him to rally his men and go west to the lands of Kalimdor.

Meanwhile, the humans have been hit by a plague that is not only killing their people but also turning them to the Undead. King Terenas sends his trusted son, Arthas to investigate the plague while the Kirin Tor mages send Jaina Proudmore to accompany him. Arthas, feeling the weight of the crown and seeing his men being tortured to their very soul, is torn between faith and justice. He follows Mal’ganis, the demon behind the infestation to the far reaches of Northrend. He finally confronts the demon at the icy shores with the help of the legendary blade, Frostmourne but at what cost? This is one of the most epic storylines in RTS gaming history that has managed to win the hearts of millions of players worldwide. An expansion pack, ‘The Frozen Throne’, was released for the game, that adds new features, units, characters and a whole new campaign. It also lays the foundations for ‘World of Warcraft’, so we suggest you don’t miss out on this RTS classic.

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1. Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War (2004)

Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War’ is a brilliant RTS game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ in the year 2004 for Microsoft Windows PC devices. Several expansion packs and instalments have been released due to its massive popularity and polished gameplay mechanics. Two sequels called ‘Dawn of War II’ and ‘Dawn of War III’ have also been released but we highly recommend you get into the series with this one. It surpassed the 13 million sales mark in January 2013, making it one of best selling RTS games of all time. The gameplay revolves around exploring and capturing important nodes on the map that provides the player with resources. They are then required to spend these resources and build up their base and its defenses. The game focuses a tad bit more on unit management since making a few of your units live through a combat can make the difference between a win and a loss. This is one game you must try out if you are looking for something similar to ‘Command & Conquer’.

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