14 Games You Must Play if You Love World of Warcraft

So World of Warcraft recently released updates on the development of legacy servers that will allow players to access the classic vanilla wow client, the game that made MMORPGs huge in the year 2004. Fans of the MMORPG will be able to relive the experience of leveling up their characters as they would have back in the golden years of World of Warcraft. We cannot personally wait to test out the vanilla WOW servers and so to pass the time in between, we’ve decided to test out a few other MMORPGs that are popular in the market right now. So, here is the list of video games similar to World of Warcraft that are our recommendations. You can play these games like World of Warcraft on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online.

14. Aion: The Tower of Eternity (2008)

Aion is a massively played online role playing game (MMORPG) that takes place in the world of Atreia. Atreia is a world that has been created by Aion, the god of the land. In addition, the Drakan were also created, huge winged beasts much akin to dragons, who were charged with guarding and protecting the land of Atreia. However, the drakan slowly started becoming corrupt and gave up their duties while abusing their power to corrupt the land further. Centuries passed and the corruption started spreading to the point where it divided the entire population into two clans. Now, you must fight for your survival as a part of either clans and mark your existence on the very stone of creation. The game was developed by NCsoft and published by NC Interactive in the year 2008 in North America.

13. Skyforge (2015)

Skyforge is a MMORPG that lets players take the role of beings with supernatural powers. Aeli, the god who created the land, had nurtured it under its care for years but it has left the world and has descended into anarchy. All the demigods that were tasked with protecting the world have turned on it and have twisted the domain to serve their own purposes. You need to create your own forge of warriors and protect the world from this hostile group of gods. You can customize the details of your character according your playstyle as the game does not contain a class base system. It has a prestige system in place where you can choose the necessary attributes and this diversifies the overall gameplay of Skyforge.

12. Order and Chaos 2: Redemption (2015)

Order and Chaos is an online multiplayer role playing game developed by Gameloft for the mobile gaming devices. If you do not own a full scale gaming console of a PC that is capable of handling modern graphics and models, then you can definitely try your hand at Order and Chaos. Redemption is the spiritual successor to the original Order and Chaos and picks up the story from where the original game left off. There are two starting points in the game and each of these changes the storyline extensively. You play as a mercenary in one and a soldier in another, so make your choice beforehand as you will not be able to change the starting point of your character. The game is set in a wide open world and there are over a 1000 quests for you to complete making this one of the most extensive mobile games presently available. The game allows you to control your character through a virtual D-pad at the bottom left of the screen and the abilities are at the right corner of the screen.

11. Black Desert Online (2016)

Many of you might not know about this game since it’s not much popular here in the States but this game is one of the most played MMORPGs in Korea, Japan and South East Asia. The game has been developed by Korean game development company Pearl Abyss who created a completely new engine to render the game mechanics. It uses a completely different combat system that is very different from other MMORPGs. Instead of letting you choose characters through a tab system, this game uses a dynamic real time combat system where you can aim your spells directly at your opponent who can then dodge the spell according to their skills. This dynamic combat system really emphasizes on actually being able to hit and dodge attacks instead of focusing on rotation based combat systems in other games. You are able to tame and breed wild animals that also serve as your mount which need constant attention and care since they cannot be carried in your inventory and can be killed by other players.

10. DC Universe Online (2011)

Fans of the DC universe need not felt out as there is a huge MMORPG based around the DC universe which allows you to build your own character. The character you build is completely original with superpowers of your own desire and then you are able to freely explore the DC universe and interact with the better known characters. You can choose your own faction and then complete quests which help your subsequent faction to progress in the game. You will eventually become a part of The Justice League or The Society depending on the faction you choose at the start of game and this will also affect your endgame content. This is your chance to take a stroll in the DC universe and the game has been made completely free to play by the developers, DayBreak.

9. Neverwinter (2013)

We can never really call Neverwinter a MMO game as most aspects of the game are not similar to most online role playing games but the core is definitely there. The game plays more similar to the Dungeons and Dragons or the Dragon Age games that really focus on the story more than anything else. You are able to choose from one of eight Dungeons and Dragons characters and then use them in combat. The system is a modified version of the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition rule set that includes healing abilities and action points. There are no zones where there are hundreds of players, all of them playing in one single zone, and neither are there sprawling PvP combats in an open world, but you will definitely feel the community aspect of the game as you start playing it.

8. Warframe (2013)

Warframe is an online action role playing game played that started its development as a Dark Sector but was eventually released as a standalone title. You play as a Tenno, a race in a far away galaxy that has awoken from centuries of deep sleep to a world that has descended into chaos. There are various races within the universe that are fighting against each other for dominance and you must use your trusty old warframes in order to defend your world from these invaders. The gameplay is very stealth-based and you need to take up quests and missions and complete them in a co-op environment in order to gather resources and upgrade their warframes. This will enable them to fight tougher opponents that will provide them with better loots.

7. Elder Scrolls Online (2014)

The Elder Scrolls Online is a MMORPG set in the Elder Scrolls Universe developed by Zenimax and published by Bethesda in the year 2014. The game has been widely regarded by many as one of the best MMORPGs that are presently playable, allowing the player to traverse and explore a wide open world that is both beautiful and abundant with content. Though there is no single player campaign for the game, the developers have stated that there will be quests and content provided to the player who prefers to go solo. You are able to interact with the NPCs within the game and pick up quests and activities that will allow you to complete the storyline of the game in a non linear fashion. There are a total of 10 playable races in the game and you can choose any of them to progress through the storyline.

6. Guild Wars 2 (2012)

Guild Wars 2 tries to differentiate itself from the other games in the genre by enabling a dynamic storyline into the mix, a feature that cannot be seen in multiplayer games. To enable its players to participate in the storyline the game, the developers introduce events instead of quests where the player can take decisions in these events and then the subsequent events will reflect on the choices made by the player in the previous event. This is a mechanic that we have not seen implemented in any other multiplayer online game and has made the game extremely popular among fans of the genre. The game has been made free to play by the developers of the game similar to the original game and has presently crossed 5 million downloads.

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5. Blade and Soul (2016)

Blade and Soul is an MMORPG where you are required to complete quests and missions in order to progress further in the game, something that is quite common in MMORPGs. What makes this game different from the other games in this list is its combat system, which uses a hack and slash style mechanic in order to defeat enemies. You need to combo a series of attacks together that will allow you to take down enemies faster and will also add gameplay value. This is extremely skill based and this aspect of the game has been highly praised by the critics. The game has been developed by Team Bloodlust and published by NCSOFT in the year 2012. There are four total playable races in the game, each representing the four Chinese symbols- The Gon, the Jin, the Yun and the Lyn so you can expect a lot of fantasy based elements in the gameplay.

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4. TERA (2012)

TERA plays very similar to other MMOs out there but the mechanics of the game are extremely polished, making it one of the best rated MMOs out there. The combat system is a real time ‘target and dodge’ system where you are required to engage your opponent in a real time third person view and then target the direction of the spell or action using a crosshair. This crosshair is controlled using your mouse or control pad and this replaces the age old tab targeting mechanics used in most RPGs. This is very similar to the combat system used in Black Desert Online, so if you are looking for a multiplayer experience that incorporates a real time skill based combat system, then perhaps this is the one for you.

3. Final Fantasy XIV (2013)

Final Fantasy XIV is a MMORPG developed and published by Square Enix in the year 2014 based around the Final Fantasy universe. The game allows players to create an avatar and customize its looks, gender, race and then fight and survive in a wide open world. The multiplayer aspect of the game should be highlighted at this point and it presently enjoys one of the largest populations daily for any MMORPG. Players are able to advance their characters by completing quests and gathering XP which allows them to unlock more powerful abilities. The game has been completely revamped for modern consoles and it shares the same interface across all systems; whether you play on the PC or the gaming consoles, you will find yourself very accustomed to the overall UI of the game.

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2. Rift (2011)

Rift is a MMORPG developed by Trion Worlds that takes place in the fantasy based land of Telara. This is a land that is governed by the elemental powers, the air, wind, water and fire and there are factions within the game that are guided towards protecting the realms of these elemental powers. There is a dragon for each of these elemental powers that is tasked with being their guardian and protector, and this forms the basis of your story. There are rifts that are opening up within the world that are letting in monsters and you need to group with other players online in a co-op setting and take down these beasts in order to close the rifts.

1. Ultima Online (1997)

We cannot stress enough on how important Ultima Online is to the entire MMORPG genre. The game is often credited as the first MMORPG ever created that was actually “massive”. It single-handedly managed to popularize the genre and having released in the year 1997, it still manages to draw in new players even today. This is THE MMORPG and the most definitive one that comes to mind when we think of MMOs.

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