13 Games Like ‘Maplestory’ You Must Play

It is extremely hard to find games that play similar to ‘Maplestory’, a side-scrolling platformer MMORPG that has won the hearts of many worldwide. Though the game managed to inspire a lot of clones during its heyday, none of these clones managed to stand the test of time with the player base eventually dropping out leading to dead servers. However, there are a few hidden gems here and there that play almost similar to ‘Maplestory’. So, here is the list of video games similar to ‘Maplestory’ that are our recommendations. You can play these games like ‘Maplestory’ on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online.

13. SoulSaver Online (2012)

‘SoulSaver Online’ is a game that has received a lot of backlash from the community due to its pay to win mechanics but the game is quite good at its core. The story does feel a bit lacking at times but the combat mechanics are quite fluid and you will find yourself getting hang of the game quite easily. Some of the grinds are a bit too tedious, so if you are a developer and reading this then please acknowledge the issue of tedious boring grinds in MMORPGs. They are not fun at all and introduce a lot of repetitiveness to the game.

12. Peria Chronicles (TBA)

‘Peria Chronicles’ is an upcoming MMORPG where the entire world will be created and generated by players. It is possible for one to terraform the entire map and create new structures out of it. You can raise the land up or lower it down according to your wishes, just make sure your neighbor is not to perturbed by it, otherwise you might find yourself in a spot of trouble. Players will be able to unlock and craft a variety of tools that will help them create specific structures such as waterfalls and lakes. You can build a network of underground tunnels as well if you choose and we already that that will be the first thing that we are going to do once the game goes live. A demo is presently playable but does not contain any PvP mechanisms but we can expect that to be a part of the game once the full servers go live.

11. Starbreak (2016)

‘Starbreak’ is a massively played online role playing game developed and published by Crunchy games in the year 2016. The game plays like a 2D platformer and allows the player to explore a variety of alien planets and fight against their inhabitants. The graphics for the game are pretty alluring so if you liked playing maple story then the graphics and playstyle of this game alone will draw you towards it. The planets are fun to explore with other friends alongside you fighting hordes of enemies and then taking out the ultimate boss using your special abilities. There are a variety of races that you can choose from each having their own playstyle so you better know your characters. You do have to rely on your skill more than anything in this game and it is available for free on the steam playstore, so if you are feeling up to the challenge head on over to there right now and download the game.

10. Neosaurs (2010)

‘Neosaurs’ is a fun little web browser based 2D platformer MMORPG that takes place in the fictional land of Sauria. Sauria is the land of the Neosaurs and you must build your own through leveling up. There are various non-playable characters in the game that will provide you with quests, which you must complete in order to gain experience and level up. Once you reach level 10, you will be given the option to choose your class and this totally depends on your playstyle. The website even has an extensive guide on choosing what class best suits you, so you will never feel lost. The game is extremely accessible to everyone and just requires a Windows browser to play, eliminating the hassle of downloading large game files.

We did find the game to be a bit laggy at times, so make sure your internet connection is up and running before starting this game. Remember to shuffle through your inventory once in a while to check whether you have the best in slot equipped or not because we felt that we were constantly behind in items in this game. All in all, ‘Neosaurs’ is a fun little MMO experience you can play right now just by going on to their official website.

9. Closers (2014)

‘Closers’ is a 3D action MMORPG that takes place in an alternate universe in the year 2020. Terror has seized upon the world when dimensional gates are opening up everywhere and creatures of unmatched power were pouring through the rift killing and devastating everything at sight. The entire human race was at peril with these extra-dimensional creatures running free everywhere with no one to challenge their might.

However, when all seemed lost, there emerged a higher breed of warriors from the denizens of Earth that were able to match the powers of these alien beings. It was certain that these humans had gained supernatural powers from the gates opening up and now the aliens were on the back foot. These warriors fought tirelessly to keep these monsters at bay and after a deadly war, they were vanquished. These people became to be known as the ‘closers’ or the ones who were able to close the gates and were celebrated among all men and women. Now become a part of the ‘closers’ through this fun packed action mmorpg developed by Naddick games and published by En Masse Entertainment. Presently in closed beta since 2017 in USA, we can expect a proper release date soon in the States but if you are feeling up to it, the Korean servers have been live since 2014.

8. Wakfu (2012)

‘Wakfu’ is a massively popular title that has managed several spinoffs and an anime adaptation, so this is one game you should definitely look out for. ‘Wakfu’ is the spiritual successor to ‘Dofus’, another MMORPG and if you truly want to experience the storyline of ‘Wakfu’, you need to know what happened in ‘Dofus’ first. But since that’s a whole another MMORPG, let us bring you up to date here. But mind you, the next section might contain spoilers, so head in with judgment.

In ‘Dofus’, an ogre that goes by the name of Ogrest falls in love and decides to collect all six of the dofus eggs in order to please her and win her heart. However, upon receiving the present, she denies any advance from Ogrest and when he finds out that she was only interested in the eggs, he loses his temper. Ogrest tumbles around in a fit of rage and anger and without knowing, kills his only true love. Grief soon consumes him after he realizes what he has done, and he decides to climb on top of a tall mountain to reminisce and cry his heart out. There he remained for a 1000 years which brings us to the story of ‘Wakfu’, which you will find out gradually with the subsequent completion of quests.

7. Tree of Savior (2016)

‘Tree of savior’ is a massively multiplayer online role playing game developed by the same guy who created Ragnarok online, another massively popular MMO title and also contains background music produced by the same guys who gave the background score to Ragnarok Online. Both are created by Kim Hakkyu and hence you can expect a fair share of gameplay mechanics and features though both games are pretty distinct in their own themes and style.

The game offers the player with a choice of 5 classes, the swordsman, the wizard, the cleric, the archer and the scout; something that is quite common in a multiplayer online RPG game but what the game does different is provide the player with access to additional classes (up to a total of 3) as they level up their character. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities and players are able to mix and match their abilities according to their wishes. The game features an extensive PvP mode with players joining guilds and supporting their guilds through subsequent victories over other guilds. It is presently free to play so you have no excuses for not checking out this one.

6. NosTale (2017)

‘NosTale’ is a MMORPG in the truest sense but is extremely accessible to all types of players. If hardcore MMORPGs scare you with you constantly dying to age old players, then ‘NosTale’ is the game for you. The game takes you through a laid-back slow-paced MMO experience where you are given easy quests and rewards. The game does get a bit difficult as you continue your adventure though, but does not really have the steep learning curve of most MMORPGs.

There are a total of 3 basic classes available for you – the mage, the archer and the swordsman signifying the 3 basic types of infantry in fantasy RPGs. The game provides you ample amount of time to get used to the gameplay style, so if you do not feel like investing a lot of time understanding the in-game mechanics of a typical RPG, then NosTale is your best choice. The game has received a bit of down vote online due to the absence of in-depth RPG mechanics but we understand that there should be something for everyone and NosTale fits the gameplay style of a few people I know personally.

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5. Elsword (2011)

‘Elsword’ is a side scrolling 2D beat em up MMORPG developed by KOG studios. The game was originally planned to be a direct standalone successor to Grand Chase, another MMORPG; but the title turned out to be a standalone release itself. The game contains all the mechanics that you would want from a MMORPG such as character customization, class choice and PvP combat. During combat, you need to execute combos by performing them near your enemy, much similar to old school beat’em up games.

4. La Tale Online (2008)

‘La Tale Online’ is a side-scrolling 2D platformer MMORPG developed and published by Actoz Soft. The game plays similar to ‘Maplestory’ and if you are a fan of the ‘Maplestory’ game, then you will definitely like ‘La Tale Online’. You need to choose your class and then equip that character with various equipments in order to make them stronger. There are a total of 3 slots available to the player and they are able to equip items that are either traded from other players, or bought with in game currency. The game has a database of regular players, so you will find quite a populated world when you drop in.

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3. Ragnarok Online (2003)

‘Ragnarok Online’ was developed and published by Gravity, a company from South Korea in the year 2002. The game since then has enjoyed massive popularity with most critics praising the game for it’s in-depth customization options and others for its quests and gameplay. It plays similar to any other RPG that you can think of with quests and grinds that award you with in game currency. You are then able to purchase items for your character in order to progress further and fight stronger monsters. This is regarded as one of the best RPGs ever made, so you better not miss out on this one.

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2. Dungeon Fighter Online (2005)

‘Dungeon Fighter Online’ is an online hack and slash action video game that follows the gameplay style of MMORPGs. You are able to traverse through a 2D environment while beating up enemies in a beat’em up style in order to complete quests. The game has been a fan favorite for a long time and has also managed to generate an anime adaptation of the same name.

1. Mabinogi (2008)

‘Mabinogi’ is a MMORPG developed by devCAT and published by Nexon Korea in the year 2008 for Windows PC. The game is loosely based around Irish mythology and allows players to choose a race out of a total of 3 and then level up as any class as they desire. This opens up a lot of choices for the player as they can choose any combination of skill that they may desire and their gameplay will vary depending on the same.

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