9 Games You Must Play if You Love Corruption of Champions

Every once in a while you get in to the mood of playing stuff like Corruption of Champions just for the hell of it, but it becomes extremely hard to find titles that play similar to this game that maintain the integrity of the experience. And so that is why we put together this list of games that will definitely not let you down. However, keep in mind that some of these can be pretty obscure and hard to hunt down. Since they are all indie projects, do not go around expecting a AAA experience or you’ll be fast disappointed. So, here is the list of video games similar to Corruption of Champions that are our recommendations. You can play these games like Corruption of Champions on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, mac or even online.

9. Anchorhead

‘Anchorhead’ is another popular text based role playing game, albeit without the focus on sexual themes. It takes place in the city of Anchorhead where a demon infestation might occur if you don’t stop the events from happening. Basically, some cult is planning to perform a ritual that will spell doom for the world and your job is to explore the city, find out about their plans and put a stop to it. The game is entirely text based and will sometimes require you to read long sections of the text in order to understand the surroundings of the character. It also introduces basic puzzle mechanics which you need to figure out from the text presented to you, and this adds to the variability of the gameplay.

Most of the games in the genre suffer from recurring tasks that become boring after a point of time, but ‘Anchorhead’ manages to stay fresh right till the very ending. It would have ranked much higher on the list if the gameplay elements and the setting of the game were a bit more similar to ‘Corruption of Champions’, but still it manages to cater to a wide variety of audiences, so why don’t you try it out?

8. The Poor Whore

Don’t judge the game by the name just yet as the game does manage to put in some social values at the basic level. Even though it is not apparent from the first playthrough of the game, you can definitely get a feeling of moral dilemmas plaguing the mind of the developer during production. The game places you in the shoes of a poor prostitute who is travelling from town to town in order to make a living. Some of the clients in the game flat out reject her adding to the complexity of the gameplay. It is set in the Middle Ages, when prostitution was a common thing in the society. That does not mean that prostitutes were not looked down upon.

During the course of gameplay, you will come across certain aspects of her life that will definitely move you. It is entirely text based but requires you to download and save files locally in order to play the game. This limits the accessibility of the title and therefore is not well known among the community. Some basic customization options are also available to you but these are very limited, so don’t go around expecting a full role playing experience here. It is played entirely in the first person perspective and can get quite immersive if you have the ambiance for it. People who like playing text based adventures like ‘Corruption of Champions’ can definitely check out this one.

7. My Very Own Lith

‘My Very Own Lith’ is a flash based game developed and published by Lithier. It also happens to be one of the sexier games on this list due to the level of kinks it introduces to the gameplay. The main aim of the game revolves around a cat-like feline character like Lith. Lith has various personalities which you are able to discover as you start interacting some more. Lith can either be a male or a female, depending on the choices you made at the start of the game and this affects the overall tone of the game.

The main motive of the game is to seduce Lith to get intimate with you, and this you can achieve through various means. There are several options for you to choose from like ‘talk’, ‘flirt’ and ‘cuddle’ and you must make the appropriate decision depending on the situation you are in. However, this can get quite offensive to some users, so a certain level of viewer discretion is advised.  If you do happen to like playing games like ‘Corruption of Champions’, then we are sure you will like playing this one.

6. Trials in Tainted Space

‘Trials in Tainted Space’ or ‘TiTS’, as the game is more lovingly referred to by the community, is a sexual themed text based role playing game developed and published by Fenoxo. If Fenoxo sounds familiar to you, then you probably know them from ‘Corruption of Champions’. These are the guys responsible for developing and publishing ‘Corruption of Champions’. We are not going to delve into the astronomical chances of both the games ending up with such ‘abbreviations’ and will leave that to the developers. Needless to say, both the games have a pretty similar gameplay style which is text based and requires you to type your commands on screen.

The game is set in distant space where you have inherited a space ship from you father and now must explore the far reaches of the galaxy in order to gain power. As you start exploring the universe, you meet several alien creatures whom you can have sex with! Like duh! Where did you think we were going with this? The sexual encounters are pretty descriptive and will put you directly in the shoes of the captain allowing you to live the experience from a first-hand perspective. If you have played through ‘Corruption of Champions’, then you simply must play this one.

5. Fall of Eden

So you have tried out ‘TiTS’ and ‘CoC’, so why not give ‘FoE a go? Developed and published by Fenoxo, ‘Fall of Eden’ is another text based adventure game that plays similar to ‘Corruption of Champions’, mainly due to the shared development house. You are lost in a hellish plane trapped between heaven and hell under the influence of Demon Queen Uru, who will give up on nothing to pull you over to her side. This started with you exploring an abandoned house in your neighbourhood where you accidentally opened a portal to this dimension. The portal sucked you in and now you must interact with the gods who can guide you back on the path of light.

As you start exploring the plane, you come across Goddess Aria, who shows sympathy towards your situation. She decides to help you to get back to your plane, but this does not turn out to be an easy task. There are several quests that you must complete before you can make your way back home, but with Aria on your side, you feel a lot more confident. We highly recommend this game to you if you like playing stuff like ‘Corruption of Champions’ mainly due to the similarity between the two games and the shared development cycle.

4. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure

If sexual themes are not your main desire, then this game is highly recommended. ‘Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures’ is a text based interactive fiction video game developed and published by Cabrera Brothers in the year 2012 for Windows PC and OS X platforms. It uses the famous Unity engine for implementing the mechanics of the game and also manages to add a lot of new elements into the mix of text based adventures. These include background music, sound effects and basic animations for the main avatar. These add up to quite an immersive gameplay experience, especially if you have headphones on.

As the name of the game suggests, it is set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic cyberpunk universe inspired by likes of ‘Total Recall’ and ‘Blade Runner’. A part of earth’s atmosphere and crust has been chipped away and destroyed due to the moon collapsing on the surface of the earth. It can get quite intense at later stages of the game, making it hard for one to put down the game. You should definitely check out this one if you liked playing through ‘Corruption of Champions.

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3. Flexible Survival

‘Flexible Survival’ is another text based flash game that you might want to try out if you are looking for games similar to ‘Corruption of Champions’. It is developed and published by indie game developer Nuku Velente, a well known name in the underground adult games community. The guy is quite dedicated towards the project and has been releasing patches and updates for the program from time to time. An outbreak of a virus has rendered the population of the planet useless. The sexual themes of the game revolve around this virus which has also mutated the infected. It is quite sandboxy in nature allowing you to choose the world and the features of its inhabitants. The main aim of the game is to create a character and then survive in the world for a set amount of time till the military comes to rescue you. If you like playing games similar to ‘Corruption of Champions’, then we definitely recommend this one to you as the role playing opportunities are abundant and the sexual themes are limited.

2. Carnal Soul

The first thing you will notice about this game is its rampant abuse of sexual themes. The developers do deserve a special level of credit for managing to cramp in such a huge number of sexual themes and innuendos in a text based role playing game. However, once you get past the lewd sexual advances, the gameplay and role playing mechanics are surprisingly polished. It is rare to find a sexual themed text based game to contain this many role playing options. The looks of your avatar can be changed whichever way you like in addition to its abilities, staying true to the rule to role playing games.

There are multiple combat modes available to you, each having its own specializations and advantages over other characters. The storyline also deserves a special mention here, providing you with a substantial amount of gameplay and options. We highly recommend this game to you if you are looking for a sexual encounter similar to ‘Corruption of Champions’.

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1. Kingdom of Loathing

Kingdom of Loathing’ is one of the few games I am familiar with myself. It can simply be called a clone of ‘Corruption of Champions’ but without the express focus on sexual themes. Now that I come to think of it, the game can somewhat be called a parody of games like ‘Corruption of Champions’ due to its explicit comical setting and hilarious conversations between the characters.

You start off with a basic stickman like character that can be changed but the customization options are surprisingly limited. You are then placed in the world of ‘Loathing’ with a gun and a mug of beer. This is simply the beginning of the wacky Western themed adventure. You are able to control your character through simple text based commands on a black and white hand-drawn interface. The conversations are also text based and we recommend you get into the game with some time to spare since it does take some time to properly take in the humour. In addition, there are combat mechanics in the game that allow you to fight, subdue, make fun of the different enemies and then loot them and collect resources.

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