Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

Titled ‘Two Jacks Don’t Suit,’ season 2 episode 2 of the period drama TV series ‘Gentleman Jack’ chronicles Anne and Ann enjoying their adventurous honeymoon across Europe. Suddenly, they bump into Isabella “Tib” Norcliffe, Anne’s ex-lover who is known to be rather brutally honest with her words. Tib ends up mentioning Mariana and Anne’s illustrious past in front of Ann, leading to trouble in paradise for the newlyweds. Back home, Ann’s relatives refuse to stop interfering in her life and start conspiring on how to regain control of her.

When the couple returns to Halifax, they are met by conflicting reactions from both their families. As Anne and Ann step into married life, they decide to pay a visit to Crow Nest together. Elsewhere, Ben starts snooping around and gets close to the truth about Sam’s death. Now, if you are curious to know more about these events and how ‘Gentleman Jack’ season 2 episode 2 concludes, we’ve got all the answers you need. Let’s dive in! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

‘Two Jacks Don’t Suit’ begins with Anne and Ann kicking off their honeymoon in Paris, where they meet Isabella AKA Tib Norcliffe, who is a former girlfriend of Anne’s. Though she amuses Ann with her unabashed nature, she ends up blurting out Mariana’s name, much to Anne’s dismay. Later, she requests Tib not to speak any further of Mariana in front of her wife, as it may lead to complications in their marital life. Tib agrees but is rather surprised as she feels that Ann is rather timid for Anne and also is worried about Mariana’s reaction to the marriage.

Anne too feels a bit doubtful about Mariana’s behavior regarding her and Ann’s new relationship but brushes it aside for the time being. Later, the couple decides to extend their honeymoon by a month and travel to the Alps, as Anne wishes to scale Mont Blanc. However, this doesn’t sit well with Aunt Ann, and she gives Marian an earful about Anne’s character when she goes to visit her. This deeply upsets Marian and she shares her worries about her sister with Aunt Anne, who in turn advises that they should support Anne regardless of what society says.

In Geneva, Anne tells her wife briefly about Mariana and her past to assure her but chooses to leave out major pieces of information to avoid conflict. Meanwhile, the Washingtons shift into Crow Nest as per Anne’s orders, and Suzannah comes to visit her family post marriage. She unhappily speaks about her discomfort living with the Sowdens, calling their behavior uncivilized. She further divulges that Ben passes lewd comments on her and though Thomas is a supportive husband, she struggles to adjust to his family.

Hearing his daughter’s complaint, Samuel visits the Sowdens and finds that Thomas has badly beaten up his brother for misbehaving with Suzannah. Samuel firmly tells the boy to mend his ways and be kinder to Suzannah but gets slightly suspicious about Sam’s disappearance and the Sowdens’ account of events. Soon, Anne and Ann manage to safely return from Geneva despite a problem in their carriage, and the Listers heave a sigh of relief. While settling into Shibden Hall, Anne requests her wife to let Mariana visit so that they can all get acquainted properly, to which she agrees.

The couple then visits Crow Nest to move Ann’s belongings to Shibden Hall and end up sharing a passionate moment. Unbeknownst to them, Suzannah’s younger siblings end up witnessing their intimacy and get mortified by it, as for them it is rather unusual. Afterward, Anne returns home to find a letter from Mariana wherein she writes that she has decided to move on and bids her goodbye. Despite Anne’s resolve to focus on her marriage with Ann, she is unable to let Mariana go, indicating that deep down in her heart, she is still in love with her former flame.

Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 2 Ending: Does Ann’s Family Accept Her and Anne?

While Ann is away on her travels, Mr. and Mrs. Priestley summon all the cousins and rally everyone against her decision to live with Anne. The couple convinces everyone that due to her ill health, Ann is rather fragile and that Anne may be manipulating her for her benefit. Moreover, since Aunt Ann is growing old, she may not be able to look after her niece much longer. Therefore, as a collective decision, they all decide to find a suitable groom for Ann and marry her off, to save the family’s reputation.

After much deliberation, the Priestleys zero down upon John Ingham, an old family friend. Furthermore, when Ann and Anne return from their honeymoon, they try one last time to have a truce with Aunt Ann and visit her with gifts at Lightcliffe. However, she severely berates them and warns Ann of the consequences of living with Anne and how that may end up isolating her from family and society. Even though Ann is extremely angered at her aunt’s unreasonable behavior, she maintains her composure and leaves with her wife.

Upon Anne’s advice, Ann decides to speed up the process of changing their wills and writes to her sister about dividing the estate. While Elizabeth agrees with her plan, her husband Captain Sutherland is rather wary of it as Ann had refused to marry earlier. Though they approve of Anne’s influence on her, Elizabeth and the captain are unaware of their marriage, and thus, he feels that Ann’s share of the property should remain with them. To investigate the matter, he asks his wife to stall replying to her sister, and, likely, he won’t take the news of the marriage too gladly either.

Does Ben Find Out About Sam’s Death?

Ben starts getting suspicious about Sam’s alleged trip to America and starts snooping around the farm for clues. Soon, he starts having a romantic relationship with Sam’s wife and starts questioning her about him. Through this, Ben pieces everything together and realizes that his brother is dead. He then tries blackmailing Thomas into letting him stay with them by indicating that he knows about how he killed his father.

Later, Thomas walks in on his mother and uncle inappropriately sharing a drink and gets enraged as he had prohibited alcohol in the house earlier. As he beats up Ben and tries throwing him out, his mother stops him and justifies their actions. Not just that, Ben threatens Thomas to tell Suzannah about Sam’s death, forcing the latter to remain quiet about everything.

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