Glow Up Season 1: Where Are They Now?

The world of makeup artistry is fueled by creativity and transformation, and only a few shows have captured its essence as brilliantly as the popular BBC series ‘Glow Up,’ created by Michael Fraser. Season 1 of the show brought together a group of talented makeup artists, each vying for the coveted title and the chance to take their careers to the next level. As we were introduced to these budding makeup artists, we couldn’t help but be captivated by their passion for beauty and artistry. Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves wondering: Where are they now? Have these artists fulfilled their dreams and made a mark in the beauty industry? Let’s take a look at what we found about the journeys of these standout contestants.

Where is Ellis Atlantis Now?

Ellis Atlantis, winner of season 1 of ‘Glow Up,’ has undergone a remarkable transformation since their time on the show. Hailing from Bradford, West Yorkshire, Ellis was a retail assistant with a deep passion for makeup artistry. Little did they know that they would soon embark upon a transformative journey that would propel them to make up stardom. Since being crowned the winner, they have amassed an impressive 572K followers on Instagram and cultivated a significant online presence. Ellis continued to inspire and educate their growing fan base by regularly sharing makeup tutorials on Instagram and YouTube. They have also had the honor of working with drag queens from the iconic ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’ The talented makeup artist has graced the pages of major magazines, further solidifying their status as a respected figure in the makeup industry.

He has been featured in Hunger Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Rankin, and Kinky Boots. The talented artist has also created his own lash products and has had the opportunity to work with Men’s Fashion Week. But Ellis’ journey journey doesn’t stop there. In July 2021, they announced on Instagram that they would be hosting makeup talks and demos at Tiktok’s ‘For You House’ at Westfield in London. The same year, he appeared on ‘10 Years Younger in 10 Days’ with his mom and gave her an amazing makeover. Since their days of tolling away at a departmental store to make ends meet, Ellis has come a long way. The two-time NYX Face Awards finalist had the privilege of working alongside Val Garland at the Cannes Film Festival. Passionate about sharing makeup tips and tricks, they have also hosted classes at the London School of Makeup.

Where is Nikki Patel Now?

Nikki Patel was the runner of season 1 of ‘Glow Up’ and has also continued to make waves in the beauty industry. Her journey on the show was nothing short of remarkable, and her post-show career trajectory has been equally captivating. With an impressive following of 749K on Instagram and 244K subscribers on YouTube, she has become a well-known figure in the industry. She was already a renowned makeup artist in London before her appearance on the show, and since then, her talent and expertise have only grown.

Nikki tied the knot with her husband on February 24, 2022, and embarked on a honeymoon adventure in Dubai. While she keeps her husband’s details under wraps, her joyous journey into the married life has been a delightful update for her fans. The couple also welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Aria on September 12, 2022, adding a new chapter to their journey. Since then, Nikki has continued to create compelling content and work as an established makeup artist in London.

Where is Leigh Easthope Now?

Before appearing on the show, Leigh Easthope was working as a freelance makeup artist and painter. Hailing from Manchester, her journey on the show showed just how creative and tenacious he is. Following the end of the show, he has continued to make strides in the makeup industry and amassed a following of 255K people on Instagram. Currently, he is balancing a full-time job in Learning and Development while freelancing for various gigs, including weddings, short films, and masterclasses. He has worked in several events, including the Lakmé Fashion Week.

One of the intriguing aspects of Leigh’s journey has been his ability to overcome color blindness, a challenge that would have deterred many from pursuing a career in makeup artistry. Instead of letting it hinder his progress, he has learned to adapt, inspiring others in the process, and was even a part of the Top 20 of Nyx Face Awards. Throughout his journey, Leigh has been an advocate for important causes, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and using his platform to raise awareness about social issues. While he continues to navigate the world of makeup, his story remains a testament to resilience and determination in the face of challenges.

Where is Belinda Chatterton Now?

Belinda Chatterton is a makeup artist from Newcastle who made her mark on ‘Glow Up’ season 1 with her mastery of illusion makeup. Since her time on the show, she has continued to work as a professional makeup artist and create content for her 252K followers on Instagram. She frequently posts her makeup looks and promotes beauty products for her audience. One of the most significant developments in her post-show life has been her role as a mother to two kids, Alfie Chatterton and Elodie Beau Chatterton, who was born in 2020. Belinda and her husband, Robert Chatterton, also bought a home in 2022. Their enduring partnership has lasted for over 11 years, which showcases the happiness they’ve found together.

Where is Tiffany Hunt Now?

Even though Tiffany Hunt didn’t win ‘Glow Up,’ she has emerged as a rising star in the makeup artistry world. Following her stint on the show, she went on to win the NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards UK in 2019, which was a significant milestone in her career. With a following of over 716K people on Instagram, her social media presence has significantly increased. Her popularity has led her to be invited to many events, including the BBC Premiere of Peaky Blinders in March 2022.

Tiffany’s work has been noticed by major publications, including the British Vogue. Known for her animated and Halloween-style looks, her creativity knows no bounds. While she is quite active in the beauty community and often shares her makeup artistry with her audience, she tends to keep her private life relatively private. Her Instagram page is focused on her professional achievements and passion for beauty.

Where is Steph Harrison Now?

Hailing from Birmingham, Steph Harrison was definitely a standout talent during her time on the show. With about 70K followers on her Instagram page, her career has continued to flourish. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2019 from University College Birmingham, she transitioned into a full-time makeup artist and became an expert in prosthetics and character. She has worked as a hair and makeup designer for various TV and film projects, including the BBC show ‘Casualty.’

In 2021, Steph got engaged to her girlfriend, Amber Cadaverous, in front of the iconic Stonehenge. Another exciting development in her career has been her involvement with the Elstree Studios, a renowned production facility that has been home to several iconic films like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Flash Gordon, and more. In 2022, she had the honor to carry the Queen’s Baton Relay ahead of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Currently, she is working for Millennium FX, a company known for creating prosthetic makeup, specialty costumes, animatronics, and props for films, TV, commercials, theatre, and theme parks. She also regularly posts her looks on TikTok and Instagram and also works as a magazine contributor and column writer.

Where is Brana Alunan Now?

Brana Alunan captured the hearts of ‘Glow Up’ viewers for her makeup skills but also for her personal transformation journey. In 2018, she started her transformation through Hormone Replacement Therapy, and today, she is living her life as the woman she has always known herself to be. After the show ended, Brana’s career continued to rise, and she gained around 143K followers on her social media. Since then, she has leveraged her platform to share makeup tutorials and provide glimpses into her everyday life.

She has also had the opportunity to walk the runway for several brands, breaking barriers and setting an inspiring example for others. Brana does have a boyfriend, but his identity remains unknown. On her platform, the talented artist and influencer has been open about her transition story and continues to make a positive impact as a role model for the LGBTQ+ community.

Where is Paige Cole Now?

Despite finishing 8th on season 1 of ‘Glow Up,’ Paige Cole has carved a successful path for herself in the makeup industry. Before appearing on the show, she worked in retail; a lot has changed since then. She now has a thriving career as a makeup artist and has 62.4K followers on Instagram. Currently, she is working as a makeup artist in the BBC’s show ‘Misfits Salon’ and teaches at the Academy of Freelance Makeup.

One of her notable achievements after the show has been her work with the pop star, Bree Runway. She has also worked with other prominent figures, including Nadia Rose, AJ Tracey, Headie One, Leomie Anderson, and Stormzy. Some of her other significant makeup projects include her work in season 2 of ‘Bridgerton’ and season 3 of the hit TV series ‘Witcher,’ where she handled the hair and makeup for several cast members. In August 2023, she was interviewed by ITV News, where she not only showcased her work but also spoke about the lack of representation in the industry. She also released a series with the Hunger Magazine titled ‘Class of Horror,’ where she created several horror looks with her team. Paige’s journey perfectly reflects her hard work, talent, and commitment to promoting representation and diversity in the makeup industry.

Where is Mathieu Dausmann Now?

In ‘Glow Up’ season 1, Mathieu Dausmann showcased his exceptional talent for special effects. With 42.6K followers on Instagram, he continues to stun his audience with his shockingly gruesome and realistic makeup look. After the end of the show, he pursued a thriving career as a professional makeup artist. His work has been characterized by unusual and often dark inspiration, drawing from themes like death, loss, decay, and ugliness. Before the show, his work had already been covered in a documentary titled ‘The French Prosthetic Arist’, which offered a glimpse into his life as a special effects makeup artist. Through his work, Mathieu continues to challenge the conventional notions of beauty and explore the unconventional.

In 2020, he settled in Renees, fell in love with his old passion, electronic music, and started DJing in festivals and local bars. He has created a mixed style where he combines traditional dances with psychedelics, which leads to joyful yet dark sets. To promote ethno-organic electronic music, Mathieu started his own non-profit organization, GATTAI – KE, which organizes open-air events for an eclectic audience.

Where is Dina Schofield Now?

Dina Schofield might have been the first one to be voted off the show, but her passion for makeup has remained unwavering. Before the show, she worked as a supermarket customer, and now, she is certified as a MAC makeup artist. With around 23.4K followers on Instagram, she often shows her makeup looks to her fans, proving her skills and artistic flair. Dina sees makeup as her lifelong passion and wants to continue sharing tutorials on her social media platforms, steadily building an audience of makeup enthusiasts. Currently, she is available for booking through Makeup Box Studio in Ibiza.

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